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Date of Birth: 05/11/1913

Age: 53

Place of birth: Dardzhilin

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Inimitable Scarlett O`Hara

The Early Years

British actress Vivien Leigh, who created one of the most famous images in the history of world cinema, has not only exceptional talent, but also the extraordinary beauty. Directed by Orson Welles once said of her that once in a generation there is a woman, from which it can not take your eyes the whole continent. Of course, he was right. But does it bring happiness actress?

Vivian Mary Hartley was born on November 5, 1913 in the Indian town of Darjeeling. Her father was an Englishman, and served in India, which at that time belonged to the British crown. The mother was also Europeans and had in old French, Irish and Armenian roots. The parents tried to instill in her daughter a love of literature, so she grew up an intelligent, well-read child.

Passion for literature led to Vivian`s request to play on stage. Studying at Sacred Heart Monastery in England for the first time she admitted her friend Maureen O`Sullivan, he wanted to become a great actress. The parents were not opposed to the choice of his daughter, and strongly contributed to its beginnings. In 1931, his father helped Vivian entered the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In London, the future actress met with the lawyer Herbert Leigh Holman, who was older than her 13 years. They say that as soon as Vivian saw him, I immediately said to marry him. And so it happened. After a brief courtship, Herbert Vivian made the proposal, and in 1932 they married. He was a real gentleman, who promised to make a good career in the legal profession. It - an innocent girl with perfect figure and angelic face.

Despite the fact that a year later gave birth to a daughter Vivian Suzanne, her marriage to Holman can not be called happy. She wanted to make a career in the movies, but Herbert take it negatively. Contrary to her husband, Vivian hired agent John Giddona, who began to look for her role. He advised the girl to change the name to something more sonorous, and she took the pseudonym Leigh, changing its name slightly and adding a second husband`s name. Herbert was furious, but prohibit Lee play, he could not in the movie.

Worldwide popularity

Vivien Leigh made her debut in the film a small role in the film `Things are going to lad` (1935). However, this event had no impact on her career. Much more important was the participation of the actress in the play `dobrodeteli` mask, after which the critics first started talking about her talent. It is in this way Vivienne first saw the actor Laurence Olivier. After they get to know, having a friendly relationship, which soon grew into love between them.

Lawrence was married, but neither his marriage nor marry Vivian did not become an obstacle to their passionate romance. They do not even hide their relationship to the public, that would have been unthinkable in Puritan England. So they lived as much as 5 years old, is not Holman agreed to divorce Leigh and Olivier annulled the marriage with his wife. In 1940, Vivien and Lawrence tied the knot. At a modest wedding, which took place in California`s Santa Barbara, attended only friends Garson Kanin and Katharine Hepburn.

But long before this significant event in the life of Vivien was a lot of interesting. In 1937, Olivier went to Hollywood to shoot the film `Wuthering pereval`. A few months later, under the pretext of being next to her husband, Lee moved to America. But the actress was completely different motives. Her American agent has long negotiated with producer David Selznick about shooting pictures `Gone vetrom`. Vivienne wanted to get the role of Scarlett O`Hara, which claimed 1400 actresses!

After dozens of screen tests circle of contenders narrowed to Joan Bennett, Jean Arthur, Paulette Goddard and Vivien Leigh. Ultimately, Lee was able to prove that he can play better than others. Directed by George Cukor praised unrestrained incredible actress. It was his final word was in the selection of contenders. And Vivien Leigh did not disappoint. Largely due to its charm and talent vetrom` `Gone (1939) were the hit of the year, received ten statuettes `Oscar`. The actress also won the `Oskara` for Best Actress.

After the incredible success of the film Vivian became known as Hollywood movie star, although she did not like, so when talking about it. She called herself an actress, considering that to be a movie star - is to live a false life. Vivienne really different from other actresses modesty and diligence. She loved her work and gave her all his strength.

Despite this, after the movie `Gone vetrom` Lee starred in all eight films. The reason for this was the poor health of the actress, which for decades struggled with tuberculosis. In addition, Vivien suffered from a mental disorder, so the filmmakers were extremely difficult to work with it. In 1941, Lee starred with her husband in the film `Lady Gamilton`, and in 1945 appeared in the role of Cleopatra in the historical drama` Caesar and Kleopatra`.

In the early 50-ies of Vivien Leigh once again created a sensation in the world of cinema. After the success of the play `Tram & # 699; & # 700 Desire, `where she played the role of a prostitute Blanche DuBois, the actress was offered to star in the film adaptation of the play. Film version of `Tram & # 699; & # 700 Desire; `(1951) became a landmark film of the twentieth century. Vivian got her second Oscar `and `incredible reviews from critics, who called it the actor`s work of thorough one of the reincarnations of all time.

Recent years

For the first time witnessed the manic-depressive syndrome, which suffered Vivienne, Olivier began back in the 30s, when they were not married. Before going on stage of the theater, where the actress playing Ophelia, she suddenly started screaming hysterically, and then fell silent and stared at one point. Such seizures occurred systematically and with the time, Lawrence used to them.

Vivienne condition deteriorated sharply after the filming of the picture `Tram & # 699; & # 700 Desire;`. Aggravation of tuberculosis and failed pregnancy that ended in miscarriage, further undermined the mental health of the actress. She could not get rid of the image of Blanche DuBois, and often said that he was following her. There were multiple personality syndromes, as eloquently says such a case. When Lee got into a psychiatric hospital, one of the nurses called her Scarlett O`Hara, after which the actress cried out that she Blanche DuBois.

At some point, Laurence Olivier could not stand it and left Vivien. This was a real blow for the actress. His last years she was living alone in a small village near the lake in Sussex. In May 1967, Lee started a new bouts of tuberculosis, and on July 7, it died.

Vivien Leigh lived a short but bright and busy life. It is in that no matter what his dream was to always achieve your goals. Was it a happy life, it is difficult to say. Despite the woman remained tragic fate Vivian, who believe in the beauty and goodness of the world, wanted to love and be loved. She will go down in history as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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