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Hello. First, congratulations to you, albeit belatedly, with the 10th anniversary of the site, as well as millions of messages. Remember, please, how it all began, tell the story of the emergence spartak.msk.ru. Are there people who can be said, "without spartak.msk.ru hardly appeared" (in terms of ideas)?

-Good afternoon. Thanks for the compliments! But just I want to note that millions of messages all the same it was a little earlier, as the counter on the guest book only works since November 1998.

How it all began ... Of course, with the purchase of a computer, which I was presented for admission to the MSTU. Bauman. But with the internet, I just met somewhere in half a year. Since that time, and their fascination with the web design. It all started with the usual pranks, when the day of my birthday, we cousin Dmitry Shatsky sat down at the computer and began something to do and create. It was in November 1996.

But the date of creation of the site, it was decided to consider February 6, 1997, at a time has been added to the website heading "Guest book", and it appeared the first message. It should be noted that this is the most popular section of the site to this day. A little later, Dmitri retired on the site, and I had to have one draw in the best sense of the word, this strap in the future.

If we talk about the site spartak.msk.ru, not his, shall we say, proroditeley, then these people very much, and not to offend anyone because of his forgetfulness, I will not name specific names. All of them can only say a big thank you once again! And also all the visitors who chose this site for their daily communication in the World Wide Web!

You were there at the time of spartak.msk.ru other sites about Spartacus? Whether you are focused on something like them?

Well the first thing that would make fans of Spartacus on the Internet? Of course, the search engine to find the sites and collect there, "Spartak Moscow". One of the favorite sites was the site of Spartak Oleg Komlyakova. Otherwise, everything was somehow not very many sites ... Do you think they were sites at that time ?! Remember what it was a year! All this was only the beginning of beginnings, and the whole Russian Internet consisted of simple homepages of users. When site and Oleg Komlyakova longer be updated, for legitimate reasons, entirely it became somehow sad. That is why it was necessary to focus only on that I would like to see a fan of Spartak Moscow on the club`s website, for which the sick. This is how slowly everything done before the species is now represented at spartak.msk.ru.

You do not mind that the most popular site on the most popular Russian football team located on the domain 3 levels?

-Absolutely Not, but perhaps this has some sort of problem?

The main thing in the address - it should be memorable. And, in my opinion, spartak.msk.ru - this is a very good and memorable address.

It is worth noting that at one time we had a 2-level domain, but for some not very pleasant reasons that and remember once again do not want to, we had to find another option. By the time, and spartak.ru and spartak.com were already occupied. A variant spartak.msk.ru seemed one of the best at that time. However, I am happy with it now.

As long running spartak.msk.ru in its current form? How many times in its history, changed the site design? Are you satisfied with the current design?

-In Stood site exists since 2002, but we are constantly working on it, and even from that time have been added and removed sufficient number of columns on the site, for various reasons.

All the versions of which were at the site for all 10 years old, kept in the category of "BB Museum". There has been described and where did the name of the site.

Throughout the history, I would pick 4 choices of website design, screenshots of these designs are also in the category of "BB Museum".

The current design is a definite long-lived, it is we have since 2002, and from here you can make a definite conclusion that we are happy with them for 5 years. What will happen next, we wait, as they say, we`ll see. I`m not going to guess.

Can you talk about some additional burden on you using the site due to the fact that Spartak - the most popular club in Russia? Perhaps more attention? More responsibility? More demanding visitors?

-Perhaps, I would have felt the burden, if the site was actually the work ... And so it is for me, for me, in fact, hobbies, hobby, which brings me pleasure, and I load with no special and I do not feel, even though for all demanding visitors.

I myself red and white, which means the same as all demanding including yourself and your site. And then, we`re all fans of one club and many help me what else. You know: "One for all and all for one!"

How many people work on the site?

-This Number is constantly changing. Even I can not tell you the exact number. Today, one assisted with something tomorrow joined by someone else. And this process we are constantly happening, because the site is alive and growing. But when it comes to Guest BB is here, for the past few years, the number of administrators is not increased and not diminished. They have three.

As initially spun spartak.msk.ru? How could "make" Spartak fans to communicate in this place?

Do not say that we are somehow especially at the initial stage whirled website. Well, search engines have registered, we put counters. But to do this, people somehow come to our website.

Of course, the main reason why they have remained on this site and for the next days is a Guestbook. It happened on it and there is still communication red and white fans from around the world. For that time the section "Guest book" only began to conquer the Russian sites. We have this section, when compared with sites of similar subjects, there was one of the first. I think that this section and related subsequent popularity of the entire site.

How untwisted and advertised (we are talking about targeted advertising) website now? Is there a need?

-Tselenapravlennoy Advertising site at the moment we do not do, however, and we never these themselves, and do not engage. Absolutely necessary, I do not see.

Can you talk about the competition sites in RuNet about Spartacus? Like spartak.msk.ru awkward relationship with other red-white resources?

Whatever the site of Spartacus, he was never for me not to be a competitor. Not because of the fact that we are so steep that we were not a rival nor how much. And in the sense that we are trying to cooperate with everyone. We`re all doing the same thing for the glory of our great club, so the more red and white sites on the web, the better!

By the way, how do you assess Russian-language sites of other clubs of the Russian Premier League?

-I Do not appreciate them in any way. Let them appreciate the fans of other clubs. I then is why? I have enough red and white sites.

Is attendance spartak.msk.ru? Can we say that has increased dramatically in some instant traffic to your site (or, conversely, decreased)? Said Li unsuccessful (2002-2004 year) performance Spartacus attendance spartak.msk.ru?

At the moment, according to statistics in the day we have about 14000-15000 unique visitors. Sharp jumps in either direction for all the time I do not remember. Can only one safe to say that visitors with each passing day it becomes more and more.

How to spartak.msk.ru registered user? What is the average added every day new users? Do cleansing "dead souls" being?

-At This point in the base of 34574 registered person. Although I think that the real users of thousands of 5-7 will be smaller.

On average, every day is added for 5-10 people. While all depends on the day. Here, for example, Spartak played well, people want to express their joy, and the number of writing and immediately increase.

Cleansing "dead souls", we do not. What`s the point? And if someone comes back to the site after a while, and we removed his profile? It is not good somehow it turns out, so that all completed profiles have been saved.

Can we talk about a portrait of the average reader spartak.msk.ru?

-survey This was, but it was a very, very long time. Then the internet was not as developed as it is now. Even the results of the survey, in my opinion, never survived ...

With regard to the present day, the site had seen people very, very different ages, professions, hobbies ... But they all share one love, love to Spartak Moscow.

Earlier on spartak.msk.ru was heading "Press Review", and then she disappeared. Why?

-Poschitali It unnecessary at this stage of development of the site. It is possible that we will return to it someday. But while the need in this category on the site do not see.

Are there online contests? Tell us about it a little more, please.

-In Category forecasts now that the year we are giving away a variety of prizes, such as travel to another city for the match Spartak, season tickets to home matches of the club, playing T-shirts, balls.

Every year, on the birthday of the site, we`re giving away evrovyezd. Visitors to one of the sections of the site, on the appropriate tip, have to find a banner dedicated to the site the next day of birth. This year it was necessary to find the first match of Andrei Tikhonov for the bulk of Spartak Moscow. Hint, it should be noted, was not so obvious, of course. But that did not stop the true fans of the red and white find this game for a few, not even minutes, seconds!

Earlier you mentioned the importance of the Guest Book for spartak.msk.ru. The current format Guest book there from the beginning? Or there were some changes in the direction of improvement?

Yes, again, the "Guest Book" - is the most popular section of the site. The format of the book, just as in "Guestbook" has not changed since the first day of its creation. But the fact that the facilities every year, both for administrators and for visitors became more and more a fact! Technology do not stand still, and features on the Web in terms of programming was becoming more and more.

So, a few days ago in this section, we will add this capability as the compilation of a list of members of the White Guest, it will work on a par with the ignore list, only the meaning of his back. The ignore list list of users whom you do not want to read, and here in the White list, on the contrary, only those authors who want to read. The name of this list, I think that will change, and it is in the discussion.

whether the book can successfully exist without people insiders? What, in your opinion, in general, their role in the development spartak.msk.ru?

-Never Thought about it. Book and until insiders lived their lives. But, I will not deny that with the advent of such people in the book, and there was another highlight. No wonder we annually during the celebration of the birth site Voice actor names winners of the website in such categories as "most valuable player Website," "Site Analyst" and other ...

What is the percentage of people who "read, but not write" on the Book?

-sulfonic Say, but I think that it is big enough. Take, for statistics of visits and the number of entries in the book in a day. I first digit called higher order 14000-15000 visitors per day, and in the book records somewhere in the 300-500 per day, this also in view of what one author writes several times a day.

Perhaps a strange question, but nevertheless ... What do you think the percentage of people who are registered on the books, but rooting for the other team?

-You Know, that there is already no statistics will not help. I do not think it`s big. For example, I`ve very rarely visit the websites of other teams, and even more so, where hardly registered.

Do you have any information on whether the players read the Guest Book spartak.msk.ru?

Yes, this information is, the players have read. And some of them even registered in our book. Surnames I will not name, who should, he knows all the names.

Frankly, something pleasant in it. Though sometimes he`s reading a book, and I understand that it would be better that they do not read. And sometimes, on the contrary, it comes across very, very fair game analyst for our idols, that it would be nice to communicate and to them.

Does disposal of your site collection of autographs of players? Or maybe some other souvenirs directly from the players as a gift to a site?

How did such a collection of autographs of players we have ...

But we had one great place in which we are organized and watching matches and various meetings with the players, the so-called basement. Over there on the walls left their autographs does not just players, but players and coaches of the Moscow Spartak last years. Unfortunately, the basement was closed, and all these autographs were only in photographs.

Do spartak.msk.ru with some sites Collaborates not about football?

No, we do not cooperate. We do not have such a goal.

Can we say that spartak.msk.ru - profitable project?

-Never Try to earn on the project, as they say, purposefully. At the same time, there have been cases of financial assistance from the visitors, who either went to pay for hosting or were to celebrate the birthdays of the site.

For that year, in early February, visitors organize their own spectacular celebration, which from all over the world attracts hundreds of people.

It can be said that the project does not bring any profit, and everything is organized on their own.

How often receive letters from readers, fans? What do they think about the site? Do the tips? Ruga?

-Pisem Comes a sufficient number and with the advice and requests, and curses. But it is quite a normal situation.

Something we`re trying to help, to do something, to fix something ... Of course, it is possible to perform at all requests, but we try.

With feed readers much has been done on the site, because it is for them and works.

Tell us about the offline meetings spartak.msk.ru readers? some events may be remembered most of all?

-For 10 years, there were so many pleasant meetings, and unpleasant and did not have that to talk about the one that is remembered most not even make sense.

They were inherently unique and memorable.

Was there life spartak.msk.ru some funny, funny situations?

-Opyat Same snatch of history at least a couple of the situation impossible.

Many things happened during that time to the site, much reflected in the category "BB Museum". But this is only a drop in the ocean compared with what resides site and its visitors. To understand all this and feel the need to be in our company. Only then it will be felt to the full!

Can you tell me which way spartak.msk.ru will develop in the future?

Business plan we have, in fact, one ... Continue operation of the site to continue to delight our customers. And the fact that this is so, no doubt, otherwise there would not be on the site every day adding the number of regular visitors.

The project will only move forward, then the other is not given!