Vitaliy Gaydyk

Picture of Vitaliy Gaydyk

Date of Birth: 07/19/1957

Age: 59

Place of birth: a. Hlebodarovka

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born July 19, 1957 in the village of Hlebodarovka Volnovakha district, Donetsk region.

The first took a leading position in the 80-ies of XX century, leading Zuevsky electromechanical plant (Zugres Donetsk region, the administrative part of the Khartsyzsk). While maintained good relations with the 1st Secretary of Khartsyzsk city committee of the Communist Party of the USSR Sergei Tulub (current Minister of Coal Industry of Ukraine, worked on a variety of leadership positions).

In 1994-1997godah she worked as deputy head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration. It was at this time when there was a direct participation Hayduk Corporation "Industrial Union of Donbass". Skillful use of administrative resources in a short time made the corporation`s largest gas traders Donetsk region. That gas trade, which is very actively used barter schemes, became the basis of the rapid accumulation of capital ISD. Argued that at the time of IUD standing businessman Rinat Ahmetov.2000-2002 years - First Deputy Minister, Minister of Fuel and Energy.

From November 2002 - Deputy Prime Minister for Energy.

In December 2003, he lashed out against the government`s decision to reverse Odessa-Brody pipeline, after which he was dismissed. Some observers tend to believe that Haiduk criticized the government already knew about his resignation.

In late 2005, Victor Yushchenko had planned to appoint Vitaly Haiduk deputy prime minister for fuel and energy, but against the appointment made by the head of "Naftogaz Ukraine" Oleksiy Ivchenko and Head of Fuel and Energy Ivan Plachkov.

According to observers, the appointment of the head of the NSDC Vitaly Haiduk was motivated by a desire to use behind Vitaly Hayduk "Industrial Union of Donbass" as a counterweight to financial and industrial group of Rinat Akhmetov, behind Viktor Yanukovych.

May 11, 2007 Victor Yushchenko took Vitaly Hayduk from the post of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, appointing in his place Ivan Plyushch.