Virginia Gildersleeve

Picture of Virginia Gildersleeve

Date of Birth: 03/10/1877

Age: 87

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States


Virginia Gildersleeve was born on October 3rd 1877, the year in New York. At the time she entered the school Brearley School, successfully graduated from it, and then - began to study at the College Barnard College. In 1899, the year of Virginia has completed his studies and moved on - received financial support from the University of Columbia University - to carry out research work in the field of medieval history.

Being a student at Barnard College College Gildersleeve seriously studied English. Later - in 1908, the year when Virginia graduate studies - she got a position teaching English in schools Barnard and Columbia.

In 1910 the Virginia Gildersleeve (Virginia Gildersleeve) became an associate professor, and a year later was appointed to the post of Dean of the College of Barnard College.

In 1918, the year Virginia had met with two extremely advanced women - Caroline Sperdzhen and Rose Sidgwick - with whom a year later founded the International Women`s Association.

After the First World War Gildersleeve head went into international politics. During World War II, the Virginia Gildersleeve (Virginia Gildersleeve) topped the women`s department of the Board Advisory Council, and after the war was assigned to a committee United Nations Charter Committee.

Her work has been multi-faceted, for example, at the time of Virginia engaged in recovery of higher education in Japan. By the way, for this work she received an award France`s Legion of Honor.

Life of Virginia was covered with darkness secret. According to some sources, Gildersleeve sostoyalav close relationship with his once companion Caroline Sperdzhen.

Virginia Gildersleeve (Virginia Gildersleeve) passed away on July 7, 1965.. Her achievements and activities were extremely important and became a stimulus for further work of its followers.

For example, in 1969, the year of the eleven members of the International Women`s Federation International Federation of University Women was founded Foundation Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (VGIF), which actively helped the needy in various regions of the planet.