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Place of birth: Lausanne

Citizenship: Switzerland

Vincent Perez: "It is time to build yourself YOUNG LOVER"

Author: Yuri Gladilschikov

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- Do you have risked their uncomplicated image, agreeing to star in "I`m staying"? In modern cinema, you - one of the rare and the latest macho, tough men ...

- Yes, well, I`m macho. (Laughs.)

- In the same film you have created the image of a macho parody. The film exposes the machismo as a lifestyle. And then, where have you seen a person of character with Vincent Perez dared to leave his woman - albeit with a little face Sophie Marceau?

- I just drew this turn. I like that my profession allows you to modify themselves and create different images. And in this case it amusing that my character is - especially at first - so unpleasant and repulsive, so focused on themselves and their careers fool and bore that is rapidly becoming a comic.

- Do you have the role of costume, there are those that define the term "hero-lover", have roles in the action genre. Sometimes these are your three images are the same as in "Cyrano de Bergerac", "Indochina", "Queen Margot", "libertine" or "Fanfani-tulip" (Perez in these films respectively opponent Cyrano - Gerard Depardieu, lover of Catherine Deneuve, lover Queen Margot - Isabelle Adjani, sexual revolutionary and philosopher Diderot, and the same Fanfan, he`s Tulip, which once portrayed Philip Gerard -. "Proceedings"). But you`ve got, and modern roles. Which do you prefer?

- You will probably be surprised, but I`ll answer: now closer today. Now I`m looking for roles that would fit my age. I`m forty, and it is time to stop the build of a young lover on the screen. "Fanfan" - I was determined - the last film, where I represent the young.

- But you`re in such good shape that you do, in my opinion, to change the roles still early. (This remark -. Not just a sign of the natural courtesy of Film Critics "News" can only sincerely envy his almost coeval Vincent Perez, who still looks like a student at the Sorbonne.)

- Nevertheless, I want to see the role that yaigrayu comply stage of life that I live in this moment. I`m the head of a large family, I have kids. And I want roles that would reflect this important situation for me. That`s why I became more and more carried away by a director. It allows me to fill that inner emptiness that I - like without ceasing to play in film and theater - suddenly began to feel like an actor. But this does not mean that I will not continue to play a romantic role.

- Do you in fact have four children, is not it? (Implicitly clarify: at Perez and his wife Caryl Silla three children together, including those born in the past year, the Twins - that after Vincent and became the head of a large family. The first of their child Caryl gave birth to Gerard Depardieu. - "The News".)

- Yes, four.

- Can you, based on your words, to conclude that a large family changed your creative self-awareness?

- Family and children encouraged me to to do something more complete. This feeling of completeness can only find when he write a script and shoot a film on it.

- Your last directorial work - the film "There was an angel," which was shown on one of the festivals of French cinema in Moscow. Weird film about the strange ideal modern girl. You have started a new project?

- Prepare two scenarios. One I write, another - his wife. My wife is keen on a modern story, and nothing more will not tell you about her work: it`s still her personal creativity. I compose a fairy tale for children, and try to make it not only fun, but also ugly. I would like to see this film could put between ... then I will give examples of the animated film ... between Hollywood "Shrek" and Japanese "Spirited Away." Action will take place in the days of King Arthur in the French "Little Britain," as it used to be called, that is, in Brittany. There will be the King ... no, more is not to tell anything.

- Returning to the film "I`m staying." Vincent Perez on the screen - it is always a great actress and beautiful women as partners. What are the peculiarities of working with Sophie Marceau?

- We shot with her ten years ago in the romantic comedy "The fragrance of love." Therefore, on the set of "I`m staying" there was a meeting of old friends. You could say my meeting with her sister. We have a deep understanding Sophie.

- In general, you can name your ideal partner? Who it was most convenient to set: Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, Sophie Marceau, your old friend of Penelope Cruz in "Fanfani-tulip"?

- Each of the actresses appeared perfect contact and feeling very comfortable interaction ... (Pause) Let me call you a better those who have not yet worked, but would have wanted to work. I want to stay with Isabelle Huppert and Ludivine Sagnier.

- Yeah ... I`d like to ask one more personal, but also social and political issue. You are a native of Switzerland, half German, half Spanish, has become the face with the brand name of French cinema. Starring among others in Hollywood films in English ( "The Crow: City of Angels" - Perez replaced as the main character of the deceased Brendan Lee - "The News".). Married to an African. Fired from her birth three children. What nationality do you feel?

- In the end, I am European. I found a country where I prefer to live and work: it is France. I feel like a Frenchman? Yes and no. The details dive too long. Let`s define this: I feel like a citizen of the Old World. But my children in the context of all of these issues will be even more difficult.

- Which of your many roles favorite?

- It`s all those movies that I did with Patrice Chereau, including "Queen Margot". (Highly esteemed French director Perez played with him and a few famous theater roles -. Especially in Shakespeare`s "Hamlet" and Chekhov`s "Platonov".)

- Would you like to carry out a Hollywood career, how could your partner on "Fanfani-tulip" Penelope Cruz?

- It would be great to work in America. But, you know, depending on how you work. In Hollywood, actors claimed that depict Latin girls and boys, as in the US Hispanic audience is great. But the role of these actors usually minor. I would not have smiled even famous, but ordinary latinoparnem in a Hollywood movie. I prefer France. I like to feel creatively free.

- Be Fanfani-called Tulip you for dinner in the restaurant Luc Besson. You`re going to continue to cooperate with him?

- I, anyway, is open to further contacts.

- In the mid-90s, you starred in "Life Line" directed by Pavel Lungin. It was a thriller about the abduction of foreigners in Russia. The shooting took place in our country. A year ago, with a small you again visited Moscow during another festival of French cinema. You have changed the impression of Russia as a country of bandits? Only without diplomacy, please.

- During the second visit, which lasted only a couple of days, I did not understand about the changes in Moscow, moreover, that the city has become more beautiful and rich, and the capital has become clearly feel you have more freedom. As to the first visit, when filmed "Life Line", the experience was just not unambiguous, and dual. On the one hand, it seemed to me that Moscow 90 - Chicago is 30th. I felt then, in any suite we Europeans, live in comparison with Russian. On the other hand, I realized the shallowness of the Europeans to the depths of Russian background. Russian people (and I had many informal meetings) uplift deeper levels than Europeans. And in general love to live, while we, the Europeans, in my opinion, lost the thirst for life. I sincerely would like to visit you again and realize that you have going on.