Viktor Zhivov

Picture of Viktor Zhivov

Date of Birth: 05/02/1945

Age: 68

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Vi & # 769; & # Ktorov Ma 769; rkovich Alive & # 769; in - Russian philologist, specialist in the history of the Russian language, literature and culture. Doctor of philological sciences, professor of Moscow State University (until 2001) and the Department of Slavic Languages ??and Literatures, University of California at Berkeley (1995), Deputy Director of the Institute of Russian Language. VV Vinogradov Academy of Sciences, head of the history of the Russian literary language.

VM ZhivovRodilsya in Moscow in 1945. He graduated from the Department of Structural and Applied Linguistics of the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University. He was engaged in a structural typology of languages ??and phonology; PhD thesis "The typological analysis of syntagmatic sonority characteristic of functioning" protected in 1977

Since the mid-1970s. main research interests VM Zhivova - the history of Russian literary language in its external (cultural and linguistic situation) and internal (historical morphology, spelling) aspects, in particular - the role of Church Slavonic tradition at different stages of development of Russian literary language. In works on the orthography of early East Slavic written records rekonstruirutsya basic rules that guided the scribes copying Church Slavonic texts, studies the problems of spelling rules. VM Jivov here develops the concept of NN Durnovo; they prepared a new edition of Durnovo works on the history of the Russian language.

A number of works devoted to the history of the Russian language and culture in the XVIII century: doctoral thesis, 1992 "The linguistic theory and language practice in the history of Russian literary language of XVIII century", monograph 1996, 1990i. In addition, works on the history of Old Russian literature, the history of Russian literature of the XVIII century; the new edition early works Gukovskij on the history of Russian poetry XVIII century.

It acts also as a writer.

Major works

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