Viktor Zarudny

Picture of Viktor Zarudny

Date of Birth: 1828

Age: 69

Citizenship: Russia


Zarudny Viktor Ivanovich - an outstanding sailor and teacher (1828 - 1897), brother Mitrofan and Sergei Ivanovich. He studied at the Naval College. Sooner began to cooperate in the "Sea Collection", which put a lot of articles relating to marine science. While serving in the Baltic Fleet, producing magnetic observations when shooting the Baltic Sea. Turning to the Black Sea Fleet, he was in the Black Sea naval cadet school teacher and a teacher of astronomy sea. One of his disciples (IS Genbachev) says in his memoirs that Zarudny "taught with such clarity, passion, eloquence and love that involuntarily fascinated cadets to employment and the location of the excited not only to his subject - astronomy, but also in general to study the various maritime affairs. " After reading, during a trip to England, with foreign elementary schools visual training, he, along with his wife and her sisters, the daughters Ilyin, founded in Nikolaev, Russia`s first visual training school on the basis frebelevskih himself took part in teaching. In 1871 - 80 years. Zarudny performed simultaneously duties: Director of lighthouses, the chief and the head of the hydrographic hydrographic expedition of the Black Sea. The result of his work on the Black and Azov seas were excellent plates, atlases and maps. He also has developed a valid and hitherto lighthouse lighting system called Seas. In Nikolayev, he read several public lectures about the cooperative business, I managed to arouse in the local community interest in the case and became the founder of Nicholas` society savings and acquisitions "- Russia`s first co-operative society. A passionate lover of botany and horticulture, he was one of the organizers of the Nikolayev branch of the Imperial Society of Horticulture. - See F. Baron Wrangel "Memory Vice Admiral Zarudny" (in the "Sea Collection", 1898, number 2). IS Genbachev (in the "Bulletin of the Kronstadt", 1897, number 146).