Viktor Goldshmidt

Picture of Viktor Goldshmidt

Date of Birth: 01/27/1888

Age: 59

Place of birth: Zurich

Citizenship: Germany


Victor Moritz Goldschmidt (Victor Moritz Goldschmidt him on January 27, 1888 Zurich -. March 20, 1947, Oslo) - chemist and geologist, one of the founders of geochemistry and crystal chemistry. Invented Goldschmidt Classification, proposed a law isomorphism title of his name. I put forward one of the first theories about the composition and structure of the depths of the earth, and the prediction Goldschmidt confirmed most of the first stepeni.Odnim calculated composition of the upper continental crust.

Goldshmit was born in Zurich. His parents, Heinrich J. Goldschmidt (Heinrich J. Goldschmidt) and Cohen Amelie (Amelie Koehne) named his son in honor of his father`s teacher, Victor Mayer. Goldschmidt family moved to Norway in 1901, when Heinrich Goldschmidt was appointed professor of chemistry at Christiania (Oslo old name).

Victor Goldschmidt and Albert EynshteynPervaya scientific work Goldschmidt called "contact metamorphism around Christiania." In it, he first used a thermodynamic phase rule to the geological objects.

A series of his works entitled "Geochemistry of elements