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Cook`s work - work demanded and often very, very well paid; that is much more important on duty chefs have to do for these people, to which ordinary mortals often scary and approach. Victor B. Belyaev for over 30 years worked as a cook in the Kremlin, providing healthy and delicious food of the highest ranks of the Russian land. Belyaev is well aware of how to organize receptions in the Kremlin, and can tell a lot of interesting things about the culinary preferences of the powerful.

Many sincerely believe that a meal at the Kremlin banquet held in the style of `Ivan Vasilievich professiyu` - endless tables, expensive meals, huge portions, overseas caviar barrels ... The truth in this, in fact, a little bit.

Yes, in the Kremlin are often quite large-scale receptions - on 1000-2000 people; Of course, there are these techniques and expensive meals. Often, however, it is served on the table, and dishes quite trivial - such as familiar to everyone herring under a fur coat or aspic. Do not shy away from local chefs and more complex recipes - like the dishes of meat, fish or crabs.

To organize New Year - not an easy task even for the family circle, where the table usually is not going to more than a dozen people; take the more than 1,000 guests - a problem several orders of magnitude more serious. Of course, the Kremlin cooks on the last day of all and do not lay on December 30th in a supermarket shopping is not running - in fact, the preparation process begins in September. For three months the team has time to think through the details of the menu, to study the process of change of food (literally, with a stopwatch in hand) and to attend to other aspects of the protocol.

Menu for large receptions - the task is rather unusual. If the home `not poydet` turkey or chicken - it is always possible to put a fridge and eat up after the holiday; if it remains unclaimed after receiving 500 kilograms of fish - the problems will be as much more. That is why the emphasis is not on the big meals (a la `m pig with an apple in rtu`), but relatively small, individual level of snacks.

According to Victor Belyayev, special vagaries of state leaders he did not have to endure. Of course, some nuances have always been; so, Brezhnev in the second half of the 70s was contraindicated alcohol. Instead of cognac at receptions Secretary General special drink a decoction of rose hips and lemon juice - looks virtually indistinguishable from the brandy.

At present our rulers health problems yet, and drink them nobody forbids. Belyaev said that Vladimir Vladimirovich prefers good wines - mainly American, French, Chilean and South African. The wine is now in the Kremlin at all true - the days of whiskey and vodka gradually recede into the past. Kitchen president (as, incidentally, and Prime) prefers classical; during his career he had the opportunity to travel freely around the world and meet with a variety of national dishes.

Prepared Belyaev and foreign rulers - it so happened that in the Kremlin they had been (and still are) often. Guests mainly served traditional Russian cuisine; many frequent guests Kremlin receptions were even their favorites - so that Fidel Castro had a weakness for tobacco chickens, Indira Gandhi loved Russian homemade noodles. Of course, at the reception too much time on the works of local chefs tasting does not remain; however, it still does not mean that their work Kremlin chefs permitted to treat carelessly - who knows what a bad fed policies?

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