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Year of birth : 2002

Age: 13 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Indie -folk for madmen

`Vetiver` - indie - folk and indie - rock band from San Francisco, California (San Francisco, California), founded in 2002, and received best known for interesting acoustic sound ,consisting of the most unlikely instruments.

Many bring sound `Vetiver` to freak -folk (freak folk), avant-garde movements of folk music, which is dominated by acoustic sound and nestanadartny set of tools : from classical guitar to traditional folk instruments. It was under the flag of the avant-garde music scene in the SanFrancisco appeared a group of `Vetiver`, to date, received not only in popularity far beyond America, but also became one of the governing style commands. Their cheerful and good songs blend a variety of topics, which, however, can be described in one word - youth. According to the musicians, just being young can be showntruly enjoy life and to experiment ; hereinafter the same - it is only memories of the best time of life.

`Vetiver` was founded kebiki Andy (Andy Cabic) in the year 2002. A native of Virginia (Virginia), he moved to San Francisco in 1

98 - year, there to establish his first band. However,the first years were spent in joint projects with other musicians ; so, the most frequent partner in his studio became a popular indie -folk musician Devendra Banhart (Devendra Banhart), which Andy had known before moving to the West Coast. Many even write off the sound on the impact of `Vetiver` Banhart ,which is considered one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary indie folk, noses musicians have repeatedly noted that Banhart participation in the project was minimal.

The first years of existence, the band played in small clubs and bars, musicians occasionally invited to festivals. The composition also changed from performance to performance ,but over time the group came Otto Hauser (Otto Hauser), Sarah Versprille (Sarah Versprille), Hayndmen Daniel (Daniel Hindman) Perins and Bob (Bob Parins). Five of them recorded a self-titled album

Vetiver` on an independent label `DiCristina`. The album came out in small circulation, but it also introduced the band`s sound to fans of indie folk.Together with projects Banhart they began touring the country; Soon they gave several concerts with Joanna Newsom (Joanna Newsom), the popular American neo -folk harpist.

Their second work `To Find Me Gone`, also released on ` DiCristina`, was more successful : the album received 7.3 points out of 10 from critics `Pitchfork Media` and 3. 5 stars from `Allmusic`. Despite working in the studio, musicians paid special attention to live performances, which often took place within the framework of the numerous summer festivals in California. After the release of their second album Cabin Banhart and founded his own label `Gnomonsong Recordings`, which became the center for all the indie - folk and neofolk singers of America.

At the same label was recorded and TRTI album - `Thing of the Past`. Interestingly, all 12 songs included on the disc are cover versions of songs that have somehow influenced the band`s sound. According to the band, it was their best album, give a sense of the importance not only from the songwriting ,but by their performance - in a sense, it was a tribute to the artists and groups that their talent paved the way for others.

Fourth album - `Tight Knit` - released on the label ` Sub Pop Records`, but the plate is not particularly popular in comparison with the previous works. The last to date album `The Errant Charm` appeared on the shelves of music stores in 2012 year.

Almost all the musicians `Vetiver` recognized that the game in the group is a hobby for them. So, kebiki works on television, acted in commercials and works by the composer for films.

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