Veniamin Waisman

Picture of Veniamin Waisman

Age: 55

Citizenship: Russia


Source of information: "Alphabet" No.38, 2000.

All roads lead to the station. That this opinion adhered walnut Zuevsky legless invalid when two prostheses stumbled to the entrance of the Kursk railway station of the capital. This is an ordinary event occurred October 2, 1956.

Unfortunate disabled dragged over a two drunken, whose station before is not allowed. Employees of the State Design Institute "Elektrotrest" - an engineer and senior technician. For service drunken colleagues - before penetration into the building - pledged voluntary conductor some recompense.

Once in the station premises, the invalid received the requested twenty-one rubles, that way orehovozuevets hugged senior technician. And - he has deftly pulled out of his inside jacket pocket four hundred and fifty rubles. However, he soon discovered the theft.

The offender tried to get away at once, but there it was. Designers seized him. Realizing that was stuck fast, the thief decided to cheat and began shouting that his de, disabled of the Great Patriotic War, "robbed".

At this point, close passed foreman Shulga police, who detained "robbers". In the police station duty room foreman he led and "victim".

- I - a war invalid. Who is doing all possible job: am working as a shoemaker in the farm with disabilities. Do not be lazy, look at my hands and see for yourself - orehovozuevets asked a police officer who was in the duty room.

- Yes, listen to the same - hot engineers and technical workers. - It`s not we robbed a disabled, but on the contrary, he stole from us a lot of money - as much as four hundred and fifty rubles.

The foreman, came to the rescue only to end the conflict, nevertheless took the side of the invalid.

- In addition, the duty companion, - as it were, especially in A government reported starshinaShulga - I searched the disabled, but any money he did not find.

However, the duty officer Major Makeev wisely: potschatelnee decided to establish the identity of the "victim." Therefore, a disabled person and has been sent to the police drive room. A "robbers" Makeev prisovetoval write a detailed statement about the theft of their four hundred and fifty rubles.

Going into the drive room, Major demanded to produce documents invalid. He handed the officer his passport.

- So-so. So you - Benjamin B. Weissman, one thousand nine hundred and fourteenth year of birth. Stay in Orekhovo-. Something me your name recalls - puzzled attendant said.

Finally Makeev remembered:

- Yeah. In the past, you, Benjamin B., were twice Hero of the Soviet Union, is not it ?!

Wiseman did not deny it, and Makeyev saw that he was holding almost legendary swindler. Somehow in the metropolitan museum of criminology police officer drew attention to the booth where vaysmanskie of art have been reflected.

From the age of nine Weisman hunted pickpocketing. Subsequently matured "Shchipachev" - a native of the city of Zhitomir - alternately wielded in different regions of the country, riding straight to Kiev, Moscow, Leningrad, Odessa, Mariupol, Sverdlovsk and other cities.

Sometimes thieves` luck turned away from Zhytomyr "pocket wizard thrust", because he was repeatedly convicted. And under different "aliases": there have been five - Trachtenberg, Oslon, Silberstein, Rabinovich and Kuznetsov.

But he was addicted for a long time bump on the run. For example, serving from 1937 ten-year period in the Lower Amurlag ran out in September 1942. During a flight, in the forty-fourth, Weissman ran into a disability. He lost both legs. Because frostbite.

In October 1945, released from North Pecherlaga, crippled a professional pickpocket, has decided to switch to the fraud.

Purposeful disabled studied the nature of the profile of the work of the ministries, their main offices and parent companies; I recognize the names of senior officials who are involved and then in fraudulent whirlwind.

Ex-convict pretended to twice Hero of the Soviet Union, sought an audience with the ministers and their deputies. Artistically presenting their own "crystal honesty", Benjamin B. before the hearing with the nomenklatura officials in each ministry receiving defiantly gave his estate secretaries allegedly fighting weapon.

Compassionate ministers and their closest companions Weisman presented Guard captain of armored forces, were injured in the capture of Berlin. And, as if in passing, lamented the fact that the de Now it twice Hero of the Soviet Union, we have to live in poverty without means of normal existence.

The Chiefs did not stint. A disabled person podsoblyaet and money, and manufactured goods.

For "his" rogue took twenty-six allied departments. Even in the Arts Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR did not recognize fraud.

Gullible ministerial elite, which is easier to easy obegorival conman, indulged his growing needs. By the facades of respectable institutions Veniamin Borisovich now rolled up first on one, then on another machine breech.

Mindful of the fact that earlier the Ministry of Heavy Machine Building of the USSR has been blessed with and received as material assistance to 1,200 rubles, "a man" went here, and June 2, 1947 ... However, there is a crook and was finally caught in the act - "when trying to get moshennicheskimputem" 2000 rbl. benefits. After the detention Wiseman seized acquired them from clandestine dealers "trunks" of firearms - a loaded gun system "DUO".

Thus ended catching a cheater.

Upon further investigation it emerged that the largest cash "lifting" Benjamin B. caught in Minpischeprome, richer here at nine and a half thousand rubles. Overall, in 1946-1947, of the ministries and other state institutions conman fished out of 56 000 rubles and even a mountain of manufactured goods.

The request, made by Moore in premium department of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, completely debunked the myth of heroic disabled. He was forced to confess to all the crimes.

However, later it became a crook simulate mild breakdown. However, the forensic psychiatric examination Weisman was found sane ...

But back to the Kursk Station.

Sighing, Makeyev looked straight into his eyes cunning:

- If I`m not mistaken, you have already tried nine times. And from prison running away like seven times.

A disabled person has been subjected to a thorough body search: the right prosthesis found crumpled bills - the ill-fated four hundred and fifty rubles.

The duty took the official questioning, trying to get clarity from a detainee - "the true and logical answer": Whose bills?

- I was drunk, so I can not explain how my prosthesis got the money - Benjamin B. continued to darken. - But please consider that I - Wiseman. Close fraud. And on such a petty theft I would never go ...

His three years of his release Weissman received.

It would seem to remember why such criminal "things of bygone days"? And necessary. It is well known: continuation of our shortcomings are our strengths. In this case we are talking about the costs of kindness, compassion, credulity.