Vasily Vasiliev

Picture of Vasily Vasiliev

Date of Birth: 04/03/1818

Age: 82

Citizenship: Russia


Vasily Pavlovich transferred to the gymnasium. In Kazan University Vasily joined in 1834 and listened to lectures here at the Department of Oriental Languages ??of History and Philology, where he graduated in 1837. Following the sim Vasily Pavlovich was invited to go to Beijing with Russian spiritual mission, for the study of Tibetan , Sanskrit and Chinese languages. By adopting this proposal, Vasily Pavlovich spent two years on a specially prepared himself for the upcoming trip and at the same time began to study Buddhism on Mongolian sources. The result of these studies it was the first, not published in the press, academic work, entitled "The Spirit of Altan gerel`a" and are subject to a detailed analysis of the foundations of Buddhist philosophy. The reasoning is delivered Vasily Pavlovich master`s degree in Oriental literature. In 1840, Vasily Pavlovich went to Beijing and lived there continuously for more than nine years, devoting all his time to the study of languages ??of Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Mongolian and Manchurian. Scientific sessions Vasily Pavlovich thus had to disintegrate in the study of a wide variety of literature and, moreover, completely new to contemporary Europe. In his scientific activities Vasily Pavlovich touched different parts of the knowledge of the East. On each of his work bore the stamp of a peculiar and independent view of the object to be his research as sources for these investigations served only works in Oriental languages. In 1850, Vasily Pavlovich returned from China, and in 1851 was appointed to the Kazan University professor in the department of Chinese and Manchu literature. With the same about the pores opened and erudite literary activities Vasily Pavlovich. As a benefit for listeners Vasiliev was "Manchurian-Russian Dictionary" (lithographer edition 1866.); "Analysis of Chinese Character" (1866); "The Chinese reader" (3 vols, 1868.); "Graphical system of Chinese characters" (1867); "Elements of Chinese writing" (1884); "Essays on the History of Chinese Literature (1885)." Materials on the History of Chinese Literature "(1888), etc. Most of these works came out additions, corrections or editions During the stay in Beijing, Vasiliev made a great map of Chinese holdings in the Chinese language and made historical maps of China. at 12 different reigned therein dynasties Other works Vasiliev: "Note on Ninguta", "on the rivers flowing into the Amur river" and "on the existence of fire-breathing mountains of Manchuria" (article in "Memoirs of the Geographical Society", 1853 - 57); ". History and antiquities eastern part of Central Asia from X to XIII century "(1861)." Information about the Manchus in the dynasties of Yuan and Ming "(1861)," Russian-Chinese treatise "(1861)," on the motion of Islam in China " (1867); "Die auf den Buddismus bezuglichen Werke der Universitats-Bibliothek zu Kazan" ( "Bulletin of the Imperial Academy of Sciences", 1856; the same in Russian in "Russian Messenger"), "the graphics system of Chinese characters" and "the Attitude Chinese language to the Central Asian "(in the" Journal of the Ministry of National Education "); "Buddhism and its tenets, history and literature"; "Religions of the East: Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism." In addition to the above works, which occupy an honorable place in the literature of Oriental Studies, Vasilyev placed in periodicals, articles and reports on the current situation in the Far East. He was a member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences.