Vasily Bondaletov

Picture of Vasily Bondaletov

Date of Birth: 09/26/1928

Age: 88

Place of birth: village of Illegally-Ivanovka Alekseevskogo area Kuibyshev region

Citizenship: Russia


Basil Bondaletov graduated with honors in 1948 from the Kuibyshev Pedagogical Institute. Every summer vacation student aspiring dialectologist on foot or on a bicycle traveling from village to village, Kuibyshev and Chkalov fields. The nomadic way of life was continued in 1948-1952 years, he continued his studies in graduate school. Now, however, the future scientist collected field material to compare, compare with archival materials, which began to study, to better understand the history of the settlement of the steppe of the Volga region. The collected data were the basis for writing the thesis, which he defended Bondaletov in 1952.

Since February 1952 Vasily Danilovich works in Penza State Pedagogical Institute (University). He was taken to contest the post of senior teacher, then became an assistant professor, and after defending his 1966 doctoral thesis - Professor, Head of the Russian language.

Vassily Danilovich - kavalerordena of Friendship of Peoples, the Excellent Public Education, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.

The main areas of his scientific interests are sociolinguistics and onomastics. He has published over 400 scientific papers, several monographs and textbooks.

Professor Bondaletov participated in many international conferences, congresses, symposiums, meetings. He directs the graduate school, which has completed more than 20 people.

By order of the USSR Academy of Sciences Vasily Danilovich studied dialects of different regions of Russia, organized an expedition to explore the social dialects and their research. He collected lexical material 100 conditional language (slang) of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland. With special interest Bondaletov professor studied dialects (slang, jargon backpackers) Penza region.

He is the originator of university programs in style, sociolinguistics, onomastic, linguistic analysis of literary texts.