Vasily Boldin

Picture of Vasily Boldin

Date of Birth: 01/19/1920

Age: 96

Place of birth: village Nikolaevka Luninsky area

Citizenship: Russia


Basil Boldin in 1938, graduated from the Penza College of railway transport and to 1941 he taught in it. Then he was transferred to the Komsomol work. Until 1948, Vasily Ivanovich headed Penza city committee of the Komsomol, in 1948godu he was elected first secretary of the regional committee of Komsomol.

After graduating in 1950 PSPI Boldin has been Deputy Head of the Department of Education.

In 1955 - 1958 years Vasily Ivanovich was chairman of the "March 8" Luninsky rayona.S 1958 to 1960 he was a teacher and later director of the boarding school