Vasiliy Vorontsov

Picture of Vasiliy Vorontsov

Date of Birth: 1847

Age: 71

Citizenship: Russia


Vorontsov, Vasily Pavlovich (1847-1918), Russian economist and sociologist. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Medical-Surgical Academy. In the 1870s, actively participated in the populist movement, he worked in the magazine PL Lavrov "Forward" in the future - in "Notes of the Fatherland", "Russian wealth", "Russian Thought" and other publications.. Its socio-economic views grounded in the books of Destiny of Capitalism in Russia (1882), Progressive Trends in Peasant Farming (1892), peasant commune. Results of Russian economic research (1892). Like other veduschieteoretiki populism, he was a supporter of the subjective method in sociology. He paid particular attention to social psychology, seeing it as a basis and a decisive factor in social life, a wide variety of historical types of organization. Vorontsov opposed capitalization of Russia, believing that the historical alternative to capitalism could be the preservation and development of diverse artisanal forms of management. Vorontsov was confident in the viability and historical perspectives of the peasant community.

Vorontsov died in Petrograd, December 9, 1918.