Vasiliy Vershinin

Picture of Vasiliy Vershinin

Date of Birth: 01/11/1874

Age: 72

Citizenship: Russia


After graduating from four-year colleges in the City Barnaul VM Vershinin began to participate in the affairs of his father`s trade.

Also VM Vershinin is actively involved in the city`s social life. He was a comrade (deputy) chairman "of Barnaul society care about the primary education", which was headed by a well-known social activist VK Shtilke.

Member of the events 1905 - 1907 period, a member of the strike committee clerks in Barnaul. In the days of October 1905 Vershinin house as notable public figures, subjected defeat.

Since 1910 VM Vershinin began publishing Barnaul newspaper "Life of Altai". February 22, 1911 it was opened a printing house "Altai printing", equipped with the latest technology. In 1914 he bought a printing press Shpuntovicha Vershinin, and in 1916 "Altai printing" was 7 printing machines, 2 electric machines and the number of workers the company has reached 110 people.

Since 1912 was a member of the Board of Trade of Congresses and industry Siberian Steppe region and Trans.

In the years before his election to the State Duma he was a member of the Barnaul City Duma, chairman of the library committee and the foreman Exchange Committee.

The election campaign for election of deputies of the State Duma III was elected as an elector for the first Curia of Barnaul, but did not become a deputy.

He took part in the next parliamentary elections.

In the elections for the city I curia of Barnaul, held on October 4, 1912, he was elected elector to participate in the Tomsk provincial election meeting for the election of deputies of the State Duma of the IV, which October 20, 1912 he was elected to the State Duma of the Tomsk province.

The State Duma was a member of the labor factions.

In 1914 he became a representative of the Council of Barnaul the Russian Export Chamber.

Since 1915, he - a member of Barnaul and West Siberian Committees of the All-Russian Union of Cities.

After the February Revolution of 1917 was a member of the Executive Committee of the State Council on the establishment of the Provisional Government.

He took part in the arrest of Nicholas II and accompanied the emperor and his family to Tobolsk. Later, VM Vershinin was sent by the Provisional Government in the Crimea for custody of the former Grand Dukes, and other persons of the imperial family.

In the early 20`s he emigrated to France, where he collaborated with the newspaper AF "Days" Kerensky.

From January 1926 to December 1934 he was a member of the Masonic Lodge "North Star" in Paris, which came on the recommendation of N. Avksentyev and I. Poradelova. Erected in the second degree in 1927, in the third degree - November 7, 1928.

He died in Prague in 1946.