Vasiliy Vahterov

Picture of Vasiliy Vahterov

Date of Birth: 01/25/1853

Age: 71

Place of birth: Arzamas

Gy azhdanstvo: Russia


Vakhterov Basil Porfirevich Russian teacher, trainer of primary school. Born in the family of the Consistory watchman. He studied at a religious school Arzamas, then in Nizhny Novgorod Theological Seminary. For 15 years (1881-96) was inspector of schools (first in the province of Smolensk, and then in Moscow). He took an active part in the work of the Moscow Literacy Committee, the organization of schools for workers and contributed to the creation of a number of non-school institutions. In 1896 Vakhterov was forced to resign, t. To. The police department has described his work as a "cover-up among the Moscow teachers an unreliable element". From 1898 to 1902 he lectured at the teachers` courses in Kursk, Saratov and other cities. From 1893 to 1903 he worked at the school at the Tver manufacture Morozova. In 1903 he was arrested for alleged anti-government agitation in schools and among the workers and sent to the Novgorod province. During the Revolution of 1905-07 Vakhterov much effort he gave the organization Teachers` Union, later took an active part in various congresses and courses. He made a great contribution to the theory and practice Start training (work of "Subject teaching method", 1907 and "Foundations of a new pedagogy", 1913). In the class of reading method, as in the method of teaching literacy, Vakhterov developed ideas KDUshinskogo. A major achievement Vakhterov are his books for classroom reading "The World in stories for children" (1902). They were built on the principle of clarity and contained not only articles for explanatory reading, but also a wealth of material on natural history, geography, history. `Russian Primer "Vakhterov (1898) was reprinted several times. Vakhterov always been in the forefront of the democratic forces, but democracy was limited to the ideas of liberal populism. Vakhterov not understand the world-historical significance of the Great October Socialist Revolution and initially refused to participate in the conduct of public education reform. In later years he taught at Red Army literacy courses, teacher training courses 2nd stage. In 1923-24 lecturer at the Pedagogical Faculty of those 2 nd MSU. Lit .: [Popov NI], VP Vakhterov (1853 - 1924), in the book .: Soviet Methodist Primary School, Moscow, 1958; Vahtereva EO, VP Vakhterov, his life and work, Moscow, 1961.

Source: Encyclopedia