Vasiliy Davydov

Picture of Vasiliy Davydov

Date of Birth: 08/31/1930

Age: 68

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Davydov Vasily (08/31/1930 - 1998) - the national psychology. He graduated from the department of psychological philosophical faculty of Moscow State University, then - post-graduate studies. From 1959 to 1983 he worked at the Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology of the USSR AP in the future - as a director. Doctor of psychological sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, the vice-president of the USSR Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, honorary member of the US National Academy of Education. Member of the editorial board of the journal "Problems of Psychology" and "Psychological Journal". The creator of the psychological school, continuing the tradition of cultural-historical theory of LS Vygotsky`s theory of activity developed by AN Leontiev, SL Rubinstein, AR Luria, DB El`konin, PY Halperin. In 1950-ies. with El`konin started to work on the design of new age rules of mental development. It has been shown that the average rate of mental development of the student learning generated by the existing system based on a naturalistic approach to development. He gave the logical and psychological study of the theory of developmental education. In accordance with his idea that there is always a co-knowledge of the other person, the child`s development is seen by him as what is happening in the context of the two types of relationships in human action: a child - a subject - an adult (in this case the ratio of child- adult indirectly the subject) and the child - adult - object (in this case the ratio of the child - a subject mediated by an adult). The main feature of "rational thinking" is that it is based on theoretical concepts, the content of which - in contrast to the everyday (empirical) concepts - is not the actual existence, and the existence of indirect, reflect on. These concepts serve as both a form of reflection of the material object, and as a means to him mental reproduction, ie, as special mental action. On the basis of Hegelian-Marx`s understanding of the relationship of logic and logic in the development of individual consciousness, the principle activity of the principle of universality of the ideal life was the basic concepts of developmental education (the development of reflection and imagination, age specifics of development and others.) And designed the basic pedagogical technologies that have found practical implementation primarily on the basis of the Moscow experimental school N 91.


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