Vasiliy Boyko

Picture of Vasiliy Boyko

Date of birth: 31.08.1959

Age: 57

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Vasily V. Boyko was born in 1959 in Moscow. In 1983 he graduated from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, specialty "Theoretical Nuclear Physics" (according to other sources, "Mathematical and Theoretical Physics"). After graduation he worked in NGOs "Astrophysics", then at the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University (according to some sources, the Moscow State University held the position of research assistant.

In 1992, he created headed by Boyko investment company JSC "Vash financial trustee" (WWF). In 2002 he became a member of the Board of Directors of JSC.

Media wrote that the WFTU has repeatedly become a party to financial conflicts. Thus, in 1995-1997, became a minority shareholder of the Bratsk aluminum smelter, JSC competed for this venture owned by brothers Leo and Michael Black Trans World Group. The plant eventually came under the control of the head of "Basic Element" Deripaska.

In 2000, WWF, according to "Kommersant", became a party to the conflict between the group MDM and "Alfa-Bank" - sale MDM owned WWF 6.88 percent stake in "Converse Bank" has allowed the group to obtain a controlling stake.

In 2000-2001, Boyko project "Independent Directors in Russian Joint-Stock Companies", organized by the Association for Protection of Investors` Rights, a member of the Board of Directors of "Irkutskenergo". It was noted that in this position he led the formation and sale of the 25 per cent blocking stake in the company, subsequently inherited Deripaska and Vladimir Potanin sells headed "Interros" owned "Irkutskenergo" 13 percent of the shares "RUSIA Petroleum".

In 2001-2002 the WWF, is a minority shareholder of OJSC "Olenegorsk Mining and Processing Plant" ( "Alcon") (Olenegorsk, Murmansk region), fought with its majority shareholder "Severstal" for the right to manage "Alcon". Media reported that the then Boyko could not gain control of the company and sold his shares (31.2 percent) structures Deripaska and Alisher Usmanov - the general director "Gazprominvestholdinga".

In 2002, WWF acts as an intermediary in the purchase of "Basic Element" Kotlas PPM stake in Russian Federal Property Fund, having thus participated in the debate of "Basic Element" and "Ilim Pulp".

In 2002-2003, Boyko as an expert in the field of business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions was the Deputy Executive Director for Investments of the largest generating company "Rosenergoatom". Media wrote that Boiko failed to challenge the increase in late 2001, the share of the bank`s "Oil" LLC "Sevzapatomenergostroy" from 25 to 74.96 percent and return "Rosenergoatom" $ 8 million.

In 2002-2003, Boyko also chaired the Board of Directors of LLC "Sevzapatomenergostroy" (NWA) - General contractor for construction of the 3rd unit of Kalinin NPP.

In 2003, Boyko was appointed chairman of the board of directors of "Vash financial trustee" and President of "Russian milk". The press Boyko appeared as co-owner of the WWF.

Media reported that WWF is working not only in the investment business (financial advice, advice on mergers and acquisitions), but also in the stock market and in real estate development business in Moscow, engaged mainly reshaping industrial zones (written in specifically, the establishment of industrial parks on the WWF works basis, reconstructed in oficno-production format). The company also held in Moscow shopping mall "Electronics on Presnya" restaurant "Venice". The press noted that Boyko head of real estate development program "Ruza Switzerland", aimed at creating a near Moscow, the elite resort area and the development of the production of organic dairy products, is engaged in a number of other projects, including - the organization of the holding company for the construction of power facilities (power units of nuclear and thermal power stations ). Some publications wrote about the participation of the WFTU in creating the largest family sports and leisure center in Moscow - "Emerald City."

February 26, 2007, "Kommersant" reported the arrest Boyko, produced another 15 of February. Boyko was arrested for fraud in a large scale and legalization of property acquired through the commission of crimes. At the same time, he noted the "Kommersant", he was charged with the resolution of the Ostankino district court about his arrest in absentia, and during interrogation revealed that Boyko since the beginning of February 2007 was on the federal wanted list. According to the newspaper, the businessman accused of address were related to transactions with the land in the Ruza district near Moscow, a formal basis for the initiation of the case were numerous appeals to the law enforcement authorities of the Ivanovo deputy rural settlement Nikolai Klyuev. "Kommersant" wrote that, according to investigators, in 2002-2003, a number of documents from 1992, establishing the right of members of the state farm named after Lev Dovatora to the ground, had been tampered with. As a result of 3600 hectares of state farm land were in the possession of CJSC "Dovator", which subsequently sold the land JSC "Land Company" Bielany Mountain ", according to investigators, controlled by Boyko (for land and should have been implemented a project to build luxury resort area "Ruza Switzerland"). "Kommersant" pointed out that in this episode the charge of fraud brought against the Director-General of CJSC "Dovator" Alexander Bashaev.

Lawyer Michael Bunin, who called the arrest unjustified Boyko, and the charges against him - unfounded, appealed against the arrest of a businessman in the Moscow City Court and hoped that his client would be a preventive measure, not related to detention. Director General of WWF Maria Loboda, in turn, said that the arrest of Boyko linked with the struggle for control of the land in the Ruza district.

Press Boyko called one of the first independent Russian experts in the field of enterprise restructuring. It was noted that he has a certificate of the Moscow Central Stock Exchange and the qualification certificate of securities (2004 - Federal Financial Markets Service) of the Federal Commission for the category 1.0. "Kommersant" referring to the "Finance." Magazine He reported that the personal fortune Boyko is 3.5 billion rubles.

According to "Vedomosti", March 2, 2007 Boyko dictated to his lawyers a letter for publication in the newspaper "Russky Kurier". In it, he reported that his arrest contributed to "the enemy of the human race and its servants of satanic sects, one of which has long been operating on the territory of JSC` them. Dovatora` "because he did not just bought land in the Ruza district and just wanted realize there is a project "Ruza Switzerland", but also to build the temple and paid for teaching the basics of Orthodoxy in the Ruza district. "I assure you that I will not back down and put all his strength on the altar, to the service of the fatherland and the Christian faith, for the glory of God, neither to God nor to the people in the charges brought against me is not guilty.", - The message says Boyko. However, March 19, 2007 the Moscow City Court, having considered the complaint of lawyers of arrest Boyko, left businessman in custody.

In April 2007, "Kommersant" reported that the Investigative Committee of the Interior Ministry began to examine complaints of owners of land shares of the state farm "Anninsky". They stated that "Vash financial trustee" "fraudulently took possession of their land." In this regard, according to the publication, Boyko could be facing new charges (on the results of complaints publication is not reported).

In March 2008, the Tver Court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of the deputy head of Ruza district near Moscow Maxima Miroshkina accused of fraud. With him five employees of the district administration were detained. According to some reports, the detention officers was conducted within the framework of the criminal case instigated against Boiko, however, the businessman`s lawyers have denied this information. In May of the same year it was reported that as part of the case was made Boyko arrest of the head of registration service management Ruza district of the Moscow region Alla Kharitonov. She was taken into custody on charges of "fraud by using his official position." To initiate proceedings against a deputy of the Ivanovo rural settlement Klyuyev, commenting on the arrest of the official, called Kharitonov "main accomplice" Boyko.

Within the framework of a criminal investigation in March 2008, the Moscow City Court extended Boyko custody until November 15, 2008. However, in October 2008 the Supreme Court decided to release on bail Boyko, the amount of which radio "Echo of Moscow" called "unprecedented" - 50 million rubles. It was noted that to bail Boyko remain in custody and after release will be obliged to fulfill all the requirements of investigators, or "preventive measure businessman may again be changed."

As instructed, the pledge of Boyko was introduced before 7 October. However, the freedom he did not come because he was detained as part of an investigation of fraud with the land of the agricultural enterprise "Tuchkovsky". In this case the Supreme Court explained that the deposit will not be refunded, since it made in another case, unrelated to those for which Boyko had to get out of jail. However, the October 8 Tverskoy court of Moscow has yet freed Boyko from arrest, thus refusing to grant the application of the Investigative Committee at the Interior Ministry.

In November 2009, in the church of St. Thomas in Moscow, he was killed by his abbot Daniil Sysoev, known for its radical stance against Islam. At the same time he was wounded regent choir Vladimir Strelbitsky. Shortly after the incident Boyko announced that he was ready to pay a million rubles for information about the offender. Another 100 thousand rubles for the same information has promised to pay the former leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration Alexander Belov. In December of the same year, the responsibility for the crime committed themselves militants Doku Umarov, reported that Sysoev killed "a person who has taken the oath to Emir Abu Usman Muslims" (ie Umarov). In January 2010, the newspaper "Kommersant" raskazala of threats by militants Boyko: Online extremists have published a statement saying that he should Umarov million rubles, as well as photos of the businessman and his office together with information about the business and the family. It was also reported that the owner had prepared in connection with the statement of the FSB of the Russian Federation with a request to take under protection.

Media wrote about his interest Boyko horse and skiing, tennis, fishing. Boyko is married and has three children.