Vasiliy Bogoyavlenskiy

Picture of Vasiliy Bogoyavlenskiy

Date of Birth: 01/01/1848

Age: 70

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the village. Small Morshki in Morshansk. Tambov Province. family priest Nikifor Epiphany, also adopted at the end of the life of a martyr`s crown. He graduated from the Tambov control, Tambov and Kiev DS DA (1874) with a degree in Theology. In 1874-1882 he taught Scripture and Homiletics in the native seminary. In 1882 he was ordained a priest and appointed rector of the Cathedral Church of the Intercession in Kozlov. In 1883-1886 dean of churches in the city. After the death of his wife and young child 8 February. 1886 took monastic vows with the name of Vladimir, appointed rector of Holy Trinity Monastery in Tambov Province. and elevated to the rank of Archimandrite. A few months later he transferred abbot Anthony`s Monastery in Novgorod. June 3, 1888 he was consecrated bishop. Staraya Russa, Vic. Novgorod diocese. In 1891 he was appointed to the chair of the independent Bishop. Samara and Stavropol. In 1892 he was first elevated to the rank of archbishop, and then appointed to the chair of the Georgian very responsible, six years he served the Archbishop. Kartli and Kakheti, Exarch of Georgia. Much attention in his new role gave spiritual enlightenment mingled Orthodox population of the Caucasus region, construction of new schools and temples. In 1897 he was elected an honorary member of the Kazan YES. In 1898 he was elevated to the rank of metropolitan and appointed ruling bishop of Moscow. Lord immediately endeared himself to Muscovites ease of handling. He sought to Moscow priests stood as close as possible to the people, more committed and active worship preached. In order to strengthen and revive the pastoral activity of the Moscow clergy, he began to open new vacancies at the capital`s parishes, and appoint new priests. His works was built in the Diocesan House Likhov per., In the future venue of many meetings of monarchist. The house was consecrated in to. December. In 1902, when it had a church in the name of Vladimir Equal to the Apostles, a museum and an extensive library (12 thousand. T.). Special attention is given to the dissemination of the Christian ruler of the moral teaching of the working class, among whom were trying to spread their ideas socialists. He was one of the initiators of the "Commission on the organization of readings for factory workers", which was led by Vic. Moscow Diocese Bishop. Mozhajskij Parfeny (Levitsky). Reading and conversations with the workers were involved in the best mental powers in Moscow, among them many future prominent right-wing figures (LA Tikhomirov, VA Gringmut, BV Lazarev et al.). Met. Vladimir himself participated in the readings for the Moscow workers, turned to him with the word of Christian teachings. Not only did he printed many of the words and speech, but also translations from foreign languages ??best literary works on issues related to socialism.

However, despite the love of ordinary Muscovites, unsweetened lord lived in Moscow. He declared a real war is very active group of so-called "progressive" clergy. One of its members, an influential Moscow prot. N. Rozanov later testified that a significant part of the Moscow priests "in the political sense has been set up at that time is very liberal and informally belonged to the party of" people`s freedom "(the Cadets)." For them, even the Octobrists were insufficiently advanced. Center of the Moscow church of liberalism was the Society of Lovers of spiritual enlightenment. In hard times for Russia in October. 1905 Bishop ordered to read in all Moscow churches composed them with the assistance of Bishop. Nikon (Christmas), the word "What we do in these troubled today" In this speech was a speech about the criminal intentions of anti-Christian compilers "Protocols of the Elders of Zion": "The main nest them abroad, they dream of the whole world to subjugate itself; in their secret secret protocols they call us Christians, just the cattle that God has given, they say, the image of man, only to them, supposedly elected representatives, it was not disgusting to use our services. With Satan`s cunning they catch in their nets frivolous people, promise them heaven on earth, but they are covered with carefully concealed their purpose, their criminal dreams. Deceiving the accident, they push him to the most horrible crimes allegedly for the sake of the common good and really draw him into an obedient slave. They are doing their best to erase from the soul, or at least distort the holy Teachings of Christ. " Word of Metropolitan. Vladimir made a strong impression on the Orthodox people. Sam Bishop read it in the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. He ended his sermon with these words: "Russian land Chad! In those days, when we remember how the Mother of God through the prayers of our ancestors saved the Russian land in the difficult years of the interregnum, as the liberated it our first capital Moscow his icon of Kazan from the invasion of the Poles and Lithuanians - Today the shed in front of her and her Divine Son ardent pleas for saving Mother Earth from our seditious. We cry about our sins in front of her. Let us pray for her unfortunate brother our troubled keen on ruinous path. " Assessing the "Protocols of Zion", the lord directly linked monstrous plans of their compilers with the revolutionary events in Russia, considered the confusion has arisen not from the political but from a religious point, called the Orthodox people to do their duty to God and become "at war with the Antichrist." Lord demanded from every believer: "Fulfill what you require from the servants of Tsarevo, which will tell you the pastors of the Church." But not only that many priests have not read the message of his flock, t. E. Did not fulfill the will of the lord, the Society of Lovers of spiritual enlightenment sent to the newspaper "Russian word" letter of protest against the teachings, which was signed, as he recalled the same Rozanov, 80 Moscow priests, in which the letter called a "provocation" and even branded as "a vile trick" Metropolitan. Vladimir. And Cadet "Russian Gazette" a group of professors of the Moscow DA has called his appeal Archbishop "Black Hundred agitation." And St. Synod pressure Witte government censured the Moscow Metropolitan.

Despite napodobnye antics enemy, the lord has actively supported the monarchical organization. He not only willingly participated in the meetings and the meetings of the monarchists, but also recommended that all recorded in the Union of the Russian People (SRN), saying: "Who feels Russian, to naturally be a member of the Union of the Russian People." He served as a prayer at the opening of the 2nd All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Moscow on April 6-12. 1906. The address of the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Kiev, October 1-7. 1906 (All-Russian Congress of Russian People of the Earth) sent a congratulatory telegram, in which he wrote: "Diligently pray Almighty God help he Congress of the Russian people to achieve fulfillment of encouraging their good wishes." With his active support in Moscow was called the 4th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Moscow April 26. - May 1, 1907 (All-Russian Congress of the United Russian People). Lord personally blessed the icon of the Intercession of the Virgin, written by VM Vasnetsov and VP Guryanov to the Congress of Russian People (Icon of the Protection of monarchical), took part in the procession of the monarchists, he served a prayer at the opening of Congress. During the period of strife and splits in the monarchist movement, he tried to reconcile the monarchists, supported the efforts of Archpriest. II Vostorgov in this direction. Bishop presided at the solemn meeting on the occasion of the opening of the Moscow Congress (Congress of Russian People in Moscow on September 27 -.. October 4, 1909), his signature was sent on behalf of the Congress of the telegram of loyalty to the Emperor. Met. Vladimir was the honorary chairman of the Brotherhood of the Resurrection. Lord supported not only by Moscow Monarchist associations, and others. Patriotic organizations. For example, he provided assistance and support to Russian People`s Union of them. Archangel Michael (RNSMA) and personally VM Purishkevich, donated money for the needs of the Union. Welcomed the 5th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in St. Petersburg, 16-20 May 1912, which has sent a special envoy Bishop. Vladimir (Sokolovsky-Avtonomova).

After the death of Metropolitan. Antonia (Vadkovsky) Nov 23. 1912 Metropolitan. Vladimir was appointed to the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg (later Petrograd) was the primacy of the chair and a member of the St. Synod. In 1915 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Divinity. On one of the audience with the Emperor Nicholas II, he expressed his negative opinion about the activities of GE Rasputin, which he regarded as harmful, and called for the removal of Rasputin from St. Petersburg. For open interference in government affairs was transferred to the department of Kiev, retaining the post of St. Chief of the Synod member. Member of the Pre-Council Meeting. He continued to participate in the monarchist movement. He served a prayer service before the opening of the meeting of the Petrograd (monarchists meeting 21-23 November 1915 in Petrograd), convened supporters NE Markov, gave a welcoming speech to the participants, was elected an honorary member of the Meeting. Sent greetings also in Nizhny Novgorod Meeting Address (All-Russian monarchist meeting in Nizhny Novgorod right organizations authorized on November 26-29, 1915), organized by followers of AI Dubrovin: "I send blessings Congress monarchists and cordial cherished wish all firmly stand vigilant guard secular shrines Russia - Orthodoxy, autocracy and the Russian peoples. God is with us".

In 1916, most of the time Met. Vladimir held in Petrograd, taking part in meetings of the St. Synod. On the eve of and during the February Revolution, he was in the capital, took part in all meetings and meetings of St. Synod members, when the decision to support the Provisional Government were adopted. His signature was a message of St. Synod "To the faithful children of the Russian Orthodox Church", dated March 9, which is officially recognized as a coup d`etat and called for trust in the Provisional Government. However his position as chief of the Synod members became increasingly difficult. He tried to resist the desire of the new government to introduce revolutionary order in the sphere of state relations. Soon the relationship with the revolutionary chief prosecutor is so deteriorated that there was a "dispersal of the Synod" and the Metropolitan. Vladimir was forced to return to Kiev. There he met a division among the clergy, which also began to penetrate the revolutionary mood. In Kiev, it was established claim authority in the diocese "The Executive Committee of the clergy and laity," which is Metropolitan. Vladimir arbitrarily named institution. With the opening in August 1917 the All-Russian Council of Churches lived mostly in Moscow. Honorary Chairman of the Council, Chairman of the Department of Church discipline. November 21, 1917 led by the rank of the enthronement of His Holiness Patriarch Tikhon.

23-25 ??January. 1918 the Bolsheviks seized Kiev and perpetrated violence in the "Mother of Russian cities." January 25. night in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra was a group of revolutionary mob led by the Commissioner. Met. Vladimir was captured in the cells prior. After beating and bullying killer took him out of the gate monastery, monks claiming that lead him to the headquarters. He was in a cassock, with panagiej on the chest and white cowl "Surrounded armed to the teeth villains, Metropolitan was sure to be crucified" -., Wrote the book. ND Zhevakhov. Protomartyr among bishops killed on a deserted place between Laurel and St. Nicholas Military Cathedral. Apart from gunshot wounds on the body of the deceased multiple stab wounds was found. The body of the deceased martyr Metropolitan. Vladimir was at the murder scene until the next morning, he passed a woman saw a terrible picture and brought the sad news to the Lavra. Lavra Archimandrite went to the scene of the murder and served a brief litany there. Metropolitan body. Vladimir was transferred to St. Michael`s Church. In the same and the following days were served funeral liturgy and requiem in Lavra, and in other churches of Kiev. Met. Vladimir was buried in the Near Caves Monastery in the Holy Cross Church. Chin led the funeral service of Metropolitan. Tiflis Plato (Christmas). On the site of the murder of the Holy Martyr his admirers had given up and began to flock to pilgrims.

In Apr. 1992 Metropolitan. Vladimir was canonized at the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church.