Vasiliy 1

Picture of Vasiliy 1

Date of birth: 25.05.0836

Age: 50


From Macedonian (correct Thracian) peasants. He made a brilliant career at the court of the Emperor Michael III, taking 866 became his co-regent. After killing the emperor seized the throne. Basil I pursued a policy of strengthening the centralized state. The defeat of the movement of the Paulicians. I proceeded to the reception of Roman law (published in the 870-879 Prohirona and preparation Epanagoge). I led the fight against the Arabs in the East and in Italy; to this end, he is seeking an alliance with the Emperor Louis II (ruled 855-875), and the papacy (Photios was deposed in 868, and restored to the patriarchal throne Ignatius - a supporter of rapprochement with the Pope). The 886 has recognized the independence of the Armenian state. About 883-885 was uncovered a plot against the feudal nobility of Basil I, which turned out to be mixed up and Photios.