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Year of birth : 1965

Age: 50 years

Citizenship : United States


`Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra` - American Big Band, organized by trumpeter Thad Jones (Thad Jones) and drummer Mel Lewis (Mel Lewis) about 1965.

About twenty years the orchestra has performed in its original composition. In 1972, at the height of the Cold War ,Ensemble toured the Soviet Union (Soviet Union). In 1978, big band won ` Gremmi` (Grammy Award) for the album ` Live in Munich`. The cooperation of the founding fathers of the orchestra stopped in the same 1978, when Ted Jones suddenly moved to Copenhagen, Denmark (Copenhagen, Denmark).After that, the ensemble was called `Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra`. Since Lewis` death in 1990, the orchestra became known as the `Vanguard Jazz Orchestra`. Over forty years on Monday evening the orchestra played in a jazz club `Village Vanguard`, and this long-standing tradition is reflected in the new name of the team. At one time the band started out as a team, bringing together stellar musicians gathered together for evening sessions somewhere within walking distance from `Jim and Andy`s`, the bar, which is constantly going to the New York musicians. In the end, they made their debut in the popular New York jazzerror status: 400They demanded that the performers play a high degree of skill. Trumpeter Thad Jones, who in 50 years has toured with `Count Basie Orchestra`, and also wrote compositions for the orchestra, the first time headed ` Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra` and was the main arranger. Sometimes he himself played in the orchestra ,most often on the flugelhorn. The second of the orchestra leaders, Mel Lewis, in charge of percussion style, which was quite unique and fundamentally different from other drum jazz big bands. His work on the plates add to the sounding of the ensemble texture and richness that was one of the distinguishing features of the `ThadJones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra`. All subsequent drummers Orchestra in varying degrees were influenced his musical style.

Perhaps, `Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra` was the most influential big band since the time of the swing era. In addition, it was an unusual orchestra. Not only did he actively worked to create a new style ,but also achieved considerable success in the period when big bands have fallen out of favor, and remained united and inseparable in the moments of greatest racial tension. If initially a part of a big band were only famous musicians, whose names themselves were the bait for the audience ,then over time the orchestra began to give an opportunity to prove themselves to new talents, such as jazz trumpeter, conductor and composer John Faddisu (Jon Faddis).

Arrangements Mel Lewis had a significant impact on modern composers such as Maria Schneider (Maria Schneider), Bob Brookmeyer (Bob Brookmeyer), which was itself a party to an orchestraJim McNeely (Jim McNeely) and Bill Kirchner (Bill Kirchner). His songs are built taking into account the innovative elements that have entered into circulation pioneers of jazz Duke Ellington (Duke Ellington) and Charles Mingus (Charles Mingus).

Among the famous members of the orchestra - trombonists Eddie Bert (Eddie Bert) and Luis Bonilla (Luis Bonilla),trumpeters Snuki Young (Snooky Young) and Cecil Bridgewater (Cecil Bridgewater) saksofonisty Pepper Adams (Pepper Adams) and Billy Harper (Billy Harper) pianisty Roland Hanna (Roland Hanna) , Kenny Werner (Kenny Werner) and Michael Weiss (Michael Weiss) , double bassist Richard Davis (Richard Davis), drummer John Riley (John Riley) vocalists Dee Dee Bridgewater (Dee Dee Bridgewater), Ruth Brown (Ruth Brown) and Joe Williams (Joe Williams).

In 1978 and 2008 the orchestra was awarded the ` Gremmi` (Grammy award) and was nominated for the ` Gremmi` in 1967, 1969, 1970, 1975, 1976 respectively. In addition, in the 70`s big band with enviable regularity led the ratings for the magazine `Down Beat`,as the polls critics and readers.

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