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Author: Olga Strelkova

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The name of the actress Vanessa Mesquita, performing the role of Simone in the telenovela "Family Ties," never left the pages of the Brazilian press for several months. But the scandal bloated ex-husband of Vanessa, TV presenter Otavio Mesquita, further fueled interest in the audience for the series and the actress playing the role of Simni, girlfriend Capito ..

Furious Otavi watered mud ex-wife from the pages of the tabloids and in interviews on television. A objection against the aftermath of Vanessa to use his name in the credits of the series: "Because Vanessa, who plays a prostitute, defame honest name Mesquita and this causes great concern to the former husband" -so said the lawyer of the offended Otavi. Vanessa duty to protect, and in his defense stated the following, "I chose the name Mesquita instead Machado (nee Vanessa), because my personal astrologer has guaranteed that it will bring me a lot of luck!".

In response to the aftermath said that Vanessa at divorce threatened him publicly division of property, demanded the property of an apartment and a car, or the equivalent in cash, he was forced to pay off the "greedy Fury" and since he does not want to deal with it nothing, even the name .

Vanessa, in turn, denied that threatened her ex-husband and demanded money, and looked genuinely shocked all proishedshem.

But turmoil in Vanessa`s life has always lacked. In his 16 years with the growth of the young beauty 1.79 weighed 63 kg and looked quite mature zhenschinoy.Vlyubivshis 30-year-old businessman she runs away from home and married, with scandal and against the will of their roditeley.Brak lasts one year, Vanessa ashamed nourish in his native dom.Cherez few months killed her father, survived the terrible grief Vanessa went to Sao Paulo, hoping to go to university and study law. But dreams do not come true, she was invited to work in a modeling agency Elite, where, thanks to a slim figure she immediately enters into contracts for advertising underwear and swimwear.

At 21, at the exhibition in one of the galleries Rio Vanessa introduced to TV presenter Otavio Mesquita (44 years) within two months .In the aftermath of a lover pursues Vanessa Woman throwing flowers and expensive gifts. "He took me into submission" the recognized Vanessa, but in the end it still gives up, collect things and moves in Otavi luxury apartments. Five years into the idyll, and in 1999 the couple decided to formalize their relationship soyuz.Posle this family Mesquita deteriorate sharply, the aftermath of every day more and more annoying habit Vanessa to talk on the phone with her friends, her frequent shooting, her love of partying; Vanessa and slowly begins to think about divorce.

And on the eve of the shooting in the "family ties" the couple divorced, the aftermath expressed exasperation: "When I met Vanessa, she was a little-known models, I presented it to the public in Sao Paulo and Rio!" Vanessa is trying to hush up the scandal and reported zhurnalistam-. "We are with the aftermath still remain friends!", but the aftermath is not giving up: "We`re not friends, and there is no communication between us vozmozhno.Ya not admit that he loved her, she is a talented man and an attractive woman, but she is still a lot to learn!".

Upset Vanessa chose to find solace in work, and to better prepare for the role Simonyi she met with several girls on a call and spend time with them in the evening "to play prostitute more truthfully," as a result of Vanessa is so moved closer to these girls that once even received an invitation to a party to one of them. True discouraged Vanessa chose to politely refuse the invitation.

After the divorce, Vanessa moved to Rio, on a par with the actress Claudia Lira ( "because it hates to live alone!"), Took a small apartment on the barre. Three months later she met her new love, he became a 30-year-old dentist Tepedinu Louis, whom she met at a party at the new marriage druzey.No Vanessa no longer thinks, "I am too much experienced in marriage, so I want to be completely free ".

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