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Citizenship: Russia

Nationalist do not consider myself

Since when are you a member of the Liberal Democratic Party?

- From this year, from 2011.

In summer, take, or before?

- No, earlier.

But Zhirinovsky said that you came in 2009 on the anniversary congress.

- Yes, but the Congress may be not only members of the party, right?

Yes, and why you became a member of the party this year? What is the motive?

- Motive. In the first place all the same, because the principles of the Party, the main operations, basic, so to speak, the party motives, they are close to me. Today is one of those games that will not only say something, but doing something. At least he is trying to do something, given that it is an opposition party. First and foremost, the Liberal Democratic Party defends the rights of servicemen. Not only protects, but also takes all the bills on the basis of which is trying to increase the pension benefits of persons with disabilities, military retirement, helping in every possible way to find a job ...

Again, the Liberal Democratic Party accepts bills for the purpose of employment of personnel, who have been reduced. Today we have the Ministry of Defence high enough permutations reduction. I myself as a reserve officer encountered this in due time. That`s why I LDPR close for personal reasons.

How is it that you`re headed one of Moscow`s lists?

- The thing is that I was registered in Moscow, registered, speaking vernacular. For this reason, including, I led one of the lists of the Moscow District.

For you, this invitation was a surprise or not?

- So let`s say, the question of including me in the list of candidates was discussed for a long time. Somewhere in six months, even there, a little more. Therefore, it is an unexpected surprise for me was not. It was predictable. Well, at the same time, it was decided together, on both sides. No surprise it was not, nor secret.

Given that 10 percent of his Liberal Democratic Party pick, is a passage in the State Duma?

- Yes, of course.

You understand that the Liberal Democratic Party is using your name?

- No, it does not use my name. Vladimir Zhirinovsky in his time promised to help my family, he does everything possible. So I, in turn, do not go there with the aim of creating a political career. I do not have such serious political ambitions, so far. My main aim, I repeat once again, is to protect the violated rights of servicemen, war veterans and the disabled.

Clear. If you know, in the last election the Liberal Democratic Party in the top three was Andrei Lugovoi, who was also without any political ambitions, but his name was on the lips, and in fact he became a locomotive.

This is your personal opinion, that he became a locomotive. In my understanding, becoming a deputy, he at least got immunity. That situation, which was around it was all too clear.

-When You Zhirinovsky represented at the Congress, he said that it is necessary to support the family, which was left without funds. So bad, or was it an exaggeration?

Well, how ... Poor - not bad. I work, in turn, my mother works, a sister still underage. He meant that the left still without a main breadwinner. Logically, the main breadwinner in the family - a man. All more or less normal, I`m helping, in turn, both the mother and sister.

And you`re working as a lawyer?

- I work as a lawyer in the Bar (working Budanov, who was not yet 25 years old, clearly enough, as the interview, he was appointed to seven in the morning - "to Lenta.ru").

So you`re a lawyer?

- The status of the lawyer is not present, not received.

Liberal Democratic Party is now playing the nationalist card. It protects the interests of the Russian people, up to nationalism. Do you consider yourself a nationalist support this ideology?

- I do not consider myself a nationalist, but I fully support the idea of ??the Russian nation. If you open the dictionary and honor Ozhegova, the Russian - is not only persons who reside on the territory of the Russian Federation. Do not take, say, some southern districts.

Russian people - all nationalities. We are not saying that it is only the people residing in the territory of Central Russia, the Far East, in the north, we are talking in general about the Russian people. Every Russian understanding - his own. Here today, Liberal Democratic Party goes with the slogan "For the Russian!". Who as it perceives itself to who it is for yourself motivated who as it treats, and this is, again, personal opinion of each.

In my understanding, the slogan "For the Russian!" nothing no nationalist.

You probably know that Zhirinovsky recently played very tough against the North Caucasus? You would think that the people of the North Caucasus - Russian too?

- Once again, it is the interpretation of each individual. Who else thinks. Zhirinovsky with the slogan "For the Russian!" I spoke to all the people living on the territory of the Russian Federation as a whole for the Russian. Who else took - is another matter.

Open the program about the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, and here it is written: "To give Russian the status of a state-nation people will not Russian - and Russia will not be good Russian - good for everyone..." I think it is obvious that this is only one Russian as a nation we have in mind.

You and I have a different concept of "Russian". So that we understand each other so that we spoke the same language, you just need to read the interpretation of the word "Russian", and everything will become clear.

Yes, and here it is, here`s when it is said that "the Russian people - the state-nation."

Absolutely right. You have a passport that is written? Russian?

-Napisano - Russian Federation.

That`s what we say that we have not written in the passport, who we are: Russian, Tatars ...

But if for the Russian, then against whom?

- Not against someone. For the Russian, who live on site ... If in Russian, that does not mean that against anyone.

Belov (former leader of the Movement Against Illegal Immigration) said that he also talked with you.

Yes, Belov attended the funeral of my father, I saw him, he came to me.

But his activities do you support?

- No, his work, I do not support.

And why? He, too, for Russian.

- I will say it again, I only met him at the funeral. He came, expressed its condolences, that was it, everything.

Yeah. Zhirinovsky also came to the funeral, and he actually drove away.

- * Who told you that?

There are witnesses who wrote about it

- That I was there, and I`ll explain. No it is not chased out by simply were provocateurs in the crowd in the amount of two or three people, who at the end of his statements began easy to provoke. No one from the cemetery of Vladimir Zhirinovsky is not banished, I am as a person present there that day, officially declare about it.

That is, to act, to say something it does not interfere?

- At the end of his speech began shouting, provocation and so on and so forth. After five, perhaps seven-minute speech.

And who gave the provocation?

- And as you can see, if the crowd is worth a thousand people here tell me, please? And then, I`m not up to it - look who commits any provocation.

Your father, when he came out of jail, did not speak out on political issues, you are discussing something game? ..

- No, we will not comment on the situation with my father. Because it today no longer alive, and so I will not in any way affect the subject.

Well, we will not touch on this topic, but you`re not afraid to somehow go public activities?

- Why should I be afraid? Who?

I do not know anyone who did.

- No, why be afraid?

Do you also have any views other than those relating to military reform? You, for example, it seems that Russia should be a federation or a unitary country?

- With regard to the political system is the Russian Federation is also not ready to comment.

At all?

- At all.

But you said that the Liberal Democratic Party adopts draft laws on the army, but after the Liberal Democratic Party to take any projects can not.

- Advances bills. Given the fact that this opposition party, the bills quite difficult to realize that they have been adopted by the State Duma and entered into legal force and effect.

It is necessary for this reason to do everything possible to today from the Liberal Democratic Party and, shall we say, parties that support the issue, it was the highest number of votes to be able to take those bills, which are fully or at least two-thirds protect the rights of military personnel.

State pretends that somehow tries to help on the basis of existing laws. After all, people do not go to war, right? Not themselves went on the counter-terrorism operation, do not themselves have lost arms, legs, against their will become disabled, not on their own today can not get somewhere. Therefore, these people should be supported, and if we do not do this, then this will do nothing. As for the army, that if we do not feed his army, we will soon feed someone else`s army.

Here`s the program I was interested in the party place, "Liberal Democratic Party proposes to introduce a permanent regime of counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus." That you support?

- I`m not here to comment on the situation with regard to the North Caucasus. I think for obvious reasons you. Humanly.