Valentyn Voyno-yasenetskiy

Picture of Valentyn Voyno-yasenetskiy

Date of Birth: 04/27/1877

Age: 84

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the city of Kerch in the family pharmacist. He was brought up in the Orthodox faith. Early it was held in Kiev, where the family moved. Here he graduated from high school and drawing school. Deciding to deal only with the fact that "useful for people suffering", in 1903 he finished the medical faculty of the University of Kiev St. Vladimir. During the Russian-Japanese War, he headed the department of surgery at the hospital of Kiev Red Cross of Chita. There he married a nurse Anna Lansky. From 1905 to 1917 Voyno-Yasenetsky working country doctor in Simbirsk, Saratov, Kursk, Yaroslavl provinces, as well as Ukraine and Pereslavl-Zaleski. In 1916 (according to other sources -. In 1915) "peasant doctor", as he called himself Voyno-Yasenetsky, defended his doctoral dissertation - "Regional anesthesia", recognized by his contemporaries the best work of the year. Due to the illness of his wife, the family moved to Central Asia, where war-Yasenetsky in 1917-21 worked as the chief surgeon of Tashkent, facilitated the Turkestan University. From 1920 he headed the department of operative surgery. During this period, he was a deeply religious man. In 1919 from TB kills his wife, leaving four children. In 1921 Voyno Yasenetsky-ordained priest, but never ceases to operate and lecture. In 1923 he receives the vows under the name Luke and soon appointed bishop of Turkistan. In June 1923 he was arrested as a supporter of Patriarch Tikhon, accused of counter-revolutionary relations. 1923-1943 - years of prison and exile (Butyrskaya and Tagansky prison in Moscow, Yeniseisk, Turukhansk, Tashkent, Arkhangelsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory). Wherever possible, the war-Yasenetsky serves preaches and operates, creates a remarkable scientific papers on surgery. In 1943 Voyno-Yasenetsky - Archbishop of Krasnoyarsk, a year later he was transferred to Tambov, where he continues medical services in military hospitals. In 1945, his medical and pastoral work has been: he was awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic ennoy War of 1941-45" and is entitled to wear a diamond cross on the hood. In Feb. 1946 Arch. Tambov and Michurinsk Luke was awarded the Stalin Prize I degree for the scientific development of new surgical methods for the treatment of purulent wounds and diseases contained in the expanded work "Sketches of purulent surgery". In 1945-47 finished the book. "The spirit, soul and body," begun in BC. 20`s (during his lifetime the book was not published). Since 1946, he - Archbishop Crimean and Simferopol. Blindness, which came in 1958, did not prevent him to perform divine service. He died in 1961 and was buried in Simferopol. It canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church (1996).

"The spirit, soul and body" - the only philosophical work Voyno-Yasenetsky. In this amazing book, large-minded man, a priest, a doctor, analyzing the facts and scientific discoveries to the XIX -. N. XX century., The philosophical works of ancient and contemporary philosophers and quotes Scripture proves their understanding of concepts such as "spirit", "soul", the existence of which he believes. Voyno-Yasenetsky believes that the great scientific discoveries of XIX-XX centuries. we prove the inexhaustibility of our understanding of life, the person and allow to reconsider many of the basic ideas of natural science. Thus, knowledge of important new forms of energy - radio waves, infrared rays, radioactivity and atomic energy - allows "... suggests ... that there are other, unknown to us forms of energy in the world, maybe even much more important to the world than atomic energy ... From materialist standpoint and these, as yet unknown, forms of energy should be specific forms of existence of matter ... "" Where is the foundation to ensure that deny the legitimacy of our faith and confidence in the existence of pure spiritual energy, which we consider the primary and pervoroditelnitsey all physical forms of energy and, through them, and the matter itself? How can we imagine this spiritual energy? For us it is the omnipotent love of the Divine ... the energy of love, streamed on the all-good will of God, the Word of God, given rise to all other forms of energy, which, in turn, gave rise to first particles of matter, and then, through them, the entire material world. " Voyno-Yasenetsky convinced that higher knowledge is not an organ of the brain and the heart. Analyzing studies of Pavlov on the brain reflexes work of Epicurus, Pascal, Bergson, referring to the many texts of the Bible, the war-Yasenetsky writes: "Thinking is not limited to the activity of the cerebral cortex, and it does not end there. We are aware of a motor and sensory brain centers, vasomotor, thermal and other. Centers, but it senses no centers. No one is known centers of joy and sadness, anger and suffering, aesthetic and religious feelings. " According to him, in the heart "... get a sensual and volitional replenishment born in the brain of thought ... It is born from the knowledge of this activity and resting in it wisdom." It desires and aspirations of the heart is determined by all human behavior. Voyno-Yasenetsky leads many examples of transmission of spiritual energy from person to person (the doctor and the patient, mother and child, union sympathy or anger at the theater, the parliament, "the spirit of the crowd", the flow of bravery and courage, etc..) And asks: "What it is not the spiritual energy of love "Talking about the matter, he writes:" the matter is a stable form of atomic energy, as heat, light, electricity - unstable forms of the same energy ... matter is thus gradually transformed into energy ... What? It prevents us take the last step and recognize the existence of quite immaterial, spiritual energy and assume its primary form ... and the source of all forms of physical energy? "In the preface to the book Archpriest. Valentin Asmus, referring to the statement of views Voyno-Yasenetsky, writes that the concept of the author`s dynamic: "Recognizing the impact bodily part of man to the spiritual, the author sees the reverse influence of the spirit on the body, and" spirit "refers to the scope, dominated and ruled in the spiritual side, and "soul" - the sphere where spiritual involve bodily closely and depends on it. " Indeed, self-Voyno Yasenetsky understands the soul as a collection of organic and sensual perceptions, traces of memories, thoughts, feelings and volitional acts, but without mandatory participation in this complex higher proyavleniyduha. From his point of view of those elements of the mortal human consciousness, that emanate from the body of the deceased (organic and sensual perception). But the immortal those elements of consciousness, which are associated with the spirit of life. "Spirit is the sum of our soul and of her that is outside the boundaries of our consciousness." Spirit is immortal and can exist without communication with the body and soul. This, he said, proved the transfer of inherited intellectual properties of parents to children. Are inherited traits, their moral direction, a tendency to good and evil, the higher faculties of the mind, feeling and will, but never inherited sensory or organic perception of parents, their private thoughts and feelings. Have many people have proven transcendental powers -. Telepathy, precognition, healing abilities, etc., on the war-Yasenetsky, due to the presence of people, not only the five senses, but also the ability of a higher order of perception, existence in nature "vibrations", resulting in motion human intelligence and reveals to him the facts, report that his feelings are powerless. Voyno-Yasenetsky explanation does not satisfy the theory of molecular memory traces in the brain cells and associative fibers. He is convinced that "in addition to the brain must be another, much more important and powerful the substrate of memory." As such it considers "the spirit of man which forever imprinted in our psycho-physical acts. For the manifestation of the spirit of the time there are no standards, do not need any sequence and causality playback experienced memory needed for brain function. " Voyno-Yasenetsky, believing that "the world has its origin in the love of God" and people given the law, "Be perfect as your heavenly Father is" convinced that it should be given and the possibility of this command, the infinite perfection spirit - eternal immortality. "If perfect (indestructible) matter in its physical forms, of course, should be subject to this law, and spiritual energy, or, in other words, the spirit of man and all living things. Thus., Immortality is a necessary postulate of our mind. "