Valentina Kovel

Picture of Valentina Kovel

Date of Birth: 01/23/1923

Age: 74

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

Website: Celebrities

Valentina Pavlovna Kovel. Bright Star St. Petersburg scenes, gorgeous actress Distinguishing. One of the favorites of George BDT, BDT has worked in more than 30 years. Viewers are most familiar with its role of matchmaker Kabat from the play "Khanum". The movie starred Valentina Kovel extremely rare.

Student years Kovel associated with war and famine. Classes are periodically interrupted by sirens and bombs, the future artist had to climb on the roof and drop them to the enemy, "lighters".

Since 1946, Valentina Kovel played in Leningrad Pushkin Drama Theatre, and performed at the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after M. Gorky in 1966, where the most famous was his roles in the performances, set Tovstonogov. With her on the stage playing her husband, the famous actor Vadim Medvedev. Among the works of Valentina Kovel screen roles in "Salut, Maria!", "Request to speak", "Prohindiada, or running on the spot," "In broad daylight ...", "Heart of a Dog", "Russian Symphony", "Wheel love. "

St. Petersburg elite Valentina Pavlovna loved for its open nature, joyous, eccentric. She adored in his youth noisy company, he has always been in the spotlight, never shunned "strong words" to the end remained the epitome of optimism.

Actor`s work:

1. Green Carriage - 1967 (Drama)

2. Salute, Maria! - 1970 ()

3. Request to speak - 1975 (Drama)

4. Merry dreams and laughter and tears - 1976 (Cartoon / Fairy Tale)

5. Thrice about Love - 1981 (lyrical comedy)

6. In broad daylight ... - 1983 (Drama)

7. Prohindiada or running in place - 1984 (Tragicomedy)

8. Dog`s Heart - 1988 (comedy) ... patient

9. Good luck, gentlemen! - 1992 (comedy)

10. Wheel of Love - 1994 (erotic comedy)

11. Russian symphony - 1994 ()