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Date of Birth: 05/21/1921

Age: 76

Place of birth: Vyshny Volochyok

Citizenship: Russia

Rehearsal in a vacuum

In the 40s she flashed in "Masha" - a touching front-line film, which was for the soldiers (and their friends in the rear), a kind of spell Simonov, "Wait for me, and I will return." Karavaeva - a student of film school at the "Mosfilm" - attended the course Reisman. When Reisman conducted, as they say, "casting" actresses to participate in this film, from the stellar names dizzy. And away it, nobody knows absurd student. She picked director starvation - first attempt was unsuccessful, but Valentine`s as if she knew that Masha will remain a major and unique role in her life. And when Reisman, reviewing all, and remained dissatisfied, she came back and played so that it is no longer doubted.

After the release of the film (in 1943), the entire crew received the Stalin Prize, and Karavayeva became the youngest winner at 23 years old. The talented, cute, folk favorite, caressed power - what wonderful prospects opened up in front of her! Directors have filled it offers. Even Reisman, who made it a rule none of the actors did not shoot twice, invited her to his next picture "Moscow Sky". But the absurd, tragic accident has preserved the tradition - the director did not take off and Karavayev.

Originally Valentine was one of the Russian provinces, Vyshny Volochek. Favorite child in the family, she has always distinguished waywardness. Parents call it Alla, but in five years, the girl insisted on the official renaming. She felt that "Allah" - the wrong name for a movie star. And that it will become a movie star, Valya never doubted. The parents thought it a whim. But having finished seven classes, their daughter vanished from the house, taking a battered suitcase and leaving a note: "I`m going to Moscow to become an actress."

And she began. It has stood the entrance exam to the school-studio of the "Mosfilm", he lied that ended an eight. Studied not just good, but frenetic. She starred in several small roles. The parents have not heard anything about her - pride would not let Valentina write as long as she thundered across the country in "Masha". And then she rarely talked to relatives. Even on her death in December 1997, the family learned from the newspapers. One edition of it is then a letter from her niece Karavaeva. She told me that they lived hard, poor, but feel free to contact a famous relative. And when they learned that she had died in loneliness and poverty, could not forgive himself. Apparently, the family Karavaevs pride - a family trait. In rare native letters Valentine invent that inherited millions dead husband.

In 1943, on the way to the shooting of the film Reisman "Moscow Sky" Karavayeva got in a car accident - car collided with a tram. The driver was killed and Karavaeva was in intensive care. What she felt when first waking up, he picked up the mirror ?! Her face was disfigured forever. And two plastic surgeries made subsequently by Swiss doctors, could not hide the terrible scar, stretching from ear to chin. Against this backdrop, even the news that she would never be able to become a mother, she went to almost unnoticed.

However, the theater remained. More were still alive in the memory of her "past achievements". Karavayev lodged in the hotel "Moscow", took a job at one of the capital`s theaters were invited to all sorts of tricks as a guest of honor. Then it was fashionable to "decorate" well-known actors and directors diplomatic receptions at embassies. At one of these receptions she met Chapman - attache of the British Embassy. He was a representative of one of the most respected and wealthiest families in Britain, but the authorities suspected that his diplomatic post is just a cover. Therefore, to their acquaintance and developing novel closely keep an eye not only in the cultural circles of the capital.

Eventually Karavaeva was given permission to marry and emigrate. She wrote to the government: "I`m not in demand here as an actress I, Stalin Prize winner, can play many more roles, if I medical assistance abroad will be provided I was and still am a Soviet man, a faithful communist party..." In 1945, Valentina Chapman left Russia. Colleagues accused it in the self-interest - say, exchanged their homeland for the money, and plastic surgery. But she loved Chapman. This is evidenced by her letter, preserved in the archive: "I met my love and go for their love away from this earth."

Valentine quickly accustomed and in the UK, and Switzerland, where they lived with her husband. Soon she was fluent in English, a lot of traveling and kinship with the manners of the English aristocracy. It is said that for its maids she was foolish mistress: could create a scandal, for example, due to the fact that the bath is added is not the foam. The girl from the Soviet Union with pleasure plunged into the world of fashion toilets, secular receptions - then told a friend that one of the receptions with dancing by Churchill. Yet soon she tired of idleness: organized theater at the Russian community in Geneva, which was also a director and prima ballerina.

Twice she did plastic surgery. But even the Swiss medicine was powerless: the scar could mask a little, but the upper lip numb. And with the final verdict of doctors over Karavayeva family life - she became torn home. Chapman pleaded with her to stay, offering divorce and good content. It was in 1950, Stalin was still alive, and Chapman, are familiar with the political regime of the Soviet Union, could imagine what awaits vozvraschenku in Russia. But she was standing on her. Six months spent on the steps of the Soviet Embassy, ??pleading to let her come back. In the end, she gave permission. In exchange for a kilogram of paper covered with writing to admit their mistakes and advantages of the Soviet system to the capitalist.

Ironically, Valentin met in Russia is quite friendly, if I may say so about causing the KGB mrachneyuschih when meeting the people of old friends and informal proposals to go somewhere far away. But at least it was at home.

Year she spent Vyshny Volochyok. She worked in the local theater. Her niece, while still a child, recalls with delight how the children looked at the dresses and hats, fashion magazines, nylon stockings, perfume, and as many as twenty-coats, which she brought from abroad. Of course, in the theater Vyshnevolotsk she shone, but she dreamed of something else: Moscow and staging of Chekhov`s "The Seagull."

A year later, she returned to Moscow. At one`s own risk. I am preparing for the repression, and when received a summons to call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, went there, tied in a knot crackers and a change of clothing. But it caused to familiarize parents with the letter of the lawyer husband Chapman was killed in a car crash in the Alps, two years after her return to Russia, and his parents denied her inheritance. With a light heart she signed a waiver, the official said the ministry: "If you can defend that money, give them to children`s homes and hospitals." It was a giant even by today`s amount, but it is a happy, left, waving a bundle.

A real home she did not. She took off the corners in communal apartments, bombarding Furtseva, then Minister of Culture, requests for improvement of living conditions. It took more than ten years.

He worked at the Theatre Karavayeva Pushkin Theatre of film actor. She rehearsed several performances in the second part of, but it seems that never came on the scene. Her straightforward, expansive and quarrelsome character became even harder after returning to Moscow. She realized that people find it difficult to communicate with her, and withdraws into himself. Perhaps that is why she, a talented actress, has not developed a theatrical life. For example, due to a conflict with the director it was removed from the role of Nina Zarechnaya in "The Seagull" staged at the Theater Mossovet Yuri Zavadsky more in 1945. She played the premiere on 8 May and the next play already played another actress.

For many years she was dragged out literally a miserable existence. Sometimes it was possible to earn them at the studio. Bitter at the dubbing of films. It is said that Karavayeva argued and there. This time with a picture, "playing" a voice as she sees fit. Maybe that`s why in the last years of her life she had lost and this operation - to replace the new directors came to the veterans, she no longer remembers the past glory Valentina Karavaeva. But her voice until the last breath remained the same - a little hoarse and endlessly fascinating how he was captured in the movie "All About Eve", "Red and Black", "My poor beloved mother," "Witness for the Prosecution". Her voice said Greta Garbo, Lillian Gish, Bette Davis and Marlene Dietrich.

Something she was paid at the Theatre of film actor - mercy. The salary brought home secretary, she Karavayeva the money was not - said: "I am in no way looking for." It has long been sold imported from Switzerland coats, expensive and already unfashionable dresses ... On the street she went out rarely. One day, she was met at the Old Arbat. Karavaeva looked like many intelligent old lady: all cleaned, ironed, but it seems that the clothing is about to crumble at her old age. A hair - red bow.

And then, when it seemed that everything in the past, a new meaning emerged in her life. Directors are not invited to act - and she began to make a film. Twenty-odd years before Karavayeva played amateur movie camera, then he showed a film, watched it on a paper pinned to the wall of the screen, sorting out their mistakes and play again. The sound is recorded on the antediluvian reel tape recorder. I set the light. Sheila suits your favorite roles - Anna Karenina, Carmen, and, of course, Nina Nina. For this role, she has made a Seagull - bird wire, paper and pens. The same role she played for twenty-odd years, and the camera is fixed, it is aging: Nina fifty, sixty, seventy ...

She also wrote a diary of his life-story, which is called the "Way of Man," and wrote a letter to forget to send. So, it preserved in its archives a letter to the famous Italian director Pietro Germi: it has a great story for him. Do not himself mean? ..

She died in front of the camera.

On her death could be a long time to learn, but in the house there was a plumbing accident, and the housing office appealed all tenants, except for this strange woman from an apartment on the second floor. It seems that no one knew that she - in the past a famous actress. No one but the nearest neighbor who loved because of the wall to listen to the voice of a great karavaevsky, monologues from Chekhov, Ibsen, Tolstoy. The same neighbor and sounded the alarm: a voice from behind the wall came not for several days. When the door broke, they saw in the water floating sheets of paper, matted film strip and hopelessly spoiled suits ... oppressive impression produced covered with a black cloth-room pavilion, makeshift dressing room in the kitchen, the narrow sagging couch, which served at the same time the scene, "my bed love "- called him Karavayeva.

The man, who was given an apartment after her death, chose to stay and live in a dormitory, but not dwell in this dwelling, inspired him with unaccountable terror.

They buried her in the beginning of January 1997. The modest funeral organized by the Guild of actors, and personal belongings and archives Karavayeva hit the Museum of cinema and after were used in making the film about her called "I - seagull .." Her grave was overgrown with burdock. To a wooden cross nailed crookedly rusted plaque with the inscription: "Chapman". From it there is nothing left except the film, in which she played a significant role after the death. But nothing she did not need.

Author: Galina Turkish

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