Valentin Velichko

Picture of Valentin Velichko

Date of Birth: 06/15/1944

Age: 72

Place of birth: Minsk

Citizenship: Belarus

We have three courses - "black", and bank by bank transfer

Why is nearly 15 years successfully functioned in Belarus economic model fails?

- I think, it is not correct to speak about the "failure" in our model, as well as the failure of the "Western model" of social development after the global financial crisis of 2008. Our economy is felt by everything that happens in the world and some deep, their own reasons for the crisis in Belarus. If the present economic model of closed type, that Belarus has failed to feed and clothe themselves - only for the production of milk, we fifth in the world!

The reasons for the difficulties - in the first place, we are the volatile country, which can produce only 20% of the required energy. And over the past 5 years, gas price increased fivefold, oil - three times. It all falls in the price of products, and now stands at energy in the hotel kinds of goods - 50%. Perhaps another reason: we are up to 40% of GDP, consume themselves, while the CIS countries - about 20%. Plus, in the absence of customs borders of CIS entrepreneurs used our more favorable terms. For example, until July 1, when customs clearance of imported cars had to pay 0.7 euros for "cube", the neighbors was 4.2 euros. As a result, at a decent car could save up to 12 thousand euros. For six months in Belarus imported 260 thousand cars! Once our products are manufactured according to state standards and, for example, the same gas that makes up 60% of the Belarusian export to Ukraine, has excellent quality. Here are a citizen of a neighboring country of the 30-kilometer zone on the way to work stopped to us - refueled, returning from work, drove into our shop. Prices of something they have 2-3 times higher, and we are not able to raise prices to their level.

There is an opinion that led to the crisis and disagreements with Moscow.

- Russia - our first shopping strategic partner, Ukraine is the second place of honor. But today, in fact, no good uncle. All relationships are built on the basis of economic considerations and profitability. We understand subsidize no one will not. Therefore, with Russia, we deliberately came to the integration forms of cooperation. First it was the Union State, and now together with Kazakhstan to create a customs union, which has given the world a new player and it will have to be considered: our Union - more than 168 million people and more than $ 2 trillion in total production.

The Union many favorable moments: uniform energy prices, unified transport tariffs, access to equal economic conditions, as well as barrier-free internal trade, free movement of labor and capital. But so far, for example, our gas prices are not adversely affected: we have $ 280 per thousand cubic meters.. m, and our cross-border neighbor of Smolensk - $ 125!

Between Ukraine and Belarus - a zone of free trade, but now we have to take into account that our partners - Russia and Kazakhstan - there are some limitations with you, for example, sugar, alcohol. 90% of the pipes we import from Ukraine, but Russia and Ukraine have quotas on metal. Now, these issues should be coordinated with the members of the Customs Union.

It will be the second wave of the crisis?

- From this no one is safe - neither Europe nor Belarus ... But today we must think how to protect vulnerable people, and then the effects of the crisis will not be as dire. Must be skilled and regulation of the currency market. In the second half of September will be held session on foreign exchange issues, to bring the course to a single level, and to let him go - go to the free course. Now we both have three courses: bank - about 5,000 rubles per $ 1 on the "black market" - 8000, and in 9000 beznalu-.

Yes, Belarusians receive the same salary, and their purchasing power has decreased. But they have to work (today we have 0.7% unemployment) - companies produce products that are not going to warehouses and implemented. For 7 months amounted to 109.8% of GDP, industrial production - 110.9%, only machinery - 131.4%. Our "BelAZ", which produces 33% of heavy trucks in the world, for instance, has adjusted release of the 360-ton crane, and next year plans to produce the car, in the back which can accommodate 420 tons! Imagine, it`s six cars!

There are plans and large-scale privatization. The main thing is what is the price and what`s next to them will be. talk of privatization are now the second half of "Beltransgaz". Many are outraged: "Pipe sell!". And that, the new owners will carry it somewhere ?! On the contrary, in the plans of laying a new gas pipeline, because this is already the infrastructure, technical capacities of compressor stations. And this is the other income and other tax deductions.

How is trade and economic relations between our countries?

- During the period of independence of the most peak year was 2008, the second, when the trade between us amounted to $ 5 billion this year, we will block the figure.. And attributed the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble a major role in this unreasonable. We organized cross-border trade fairs, and now we do not need to go for tomatoes or melons Kherson region. Works 9 SP, six - in Ukraine. On Lenin smithy and Tehnotordone Nikolaev gather Belarusian tractors in Vyshgorod - lifts, the only ones that fit the shaft of the old houses, and in Kiev scheduled for their reconstruction. The plans - joint assembly of trucks.

Are there any fears that the crisis will take advantage of the opposition and bring people to the streets?

- Fears can be if you`re in something not sure. The Government of Belarus is fully confident in building and implementing the strategy of further economic policy. Thus any reasonable proposals do not go unheeded. The President has initiated a round table where invited representatives of the EU, Russia and the opposition. But there is a different opposition. Unfortunately, the activities of some of its representatives can be called business soon. Convincing proof of this are the recently disclosed accounts with large sums of our opposition in Poland and Lithuania. Well, if the money was earned. And if the money is intended for subversive activities in the country ?! There is opposition, which calls not to lend Belarus to impose economic sanctions ... We are sorry, but what is to blame most of my countrymen ?! Another thing, if required by most of the people. And if you do not agree 2-3 hundreds of people, so do not disturb the rest of the living!

Velichko - one of the oldest ambassadors to our country

Born: 06/15/1944 in Belarus

Valentin Velichko was born in Volozhin district, Minsk region. He graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Technology by profession Mechanical Engineer, graduate of the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee, candidate of economic sciences. At one time he combined his public activity with teaching, in particular, he has lectured at the University of Gomel. Diplomatic activity began in 1993 - was chosen by the rating voting ambassador to Latvia and Finland. In 1997 he returned home and took over as Minister for CIS Affairs, then was the first Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. In 2001 he was appointed Ambassador of Belarus to Ukraine and today is one of the oldest ambassadors in our country - the doyen.