Picture of Valdemar

Citizenship: Denmark


Similar attempts were made in Russia, and to Michael: so known dates. King`s son Magnus, to-cerned Ivan the Terrible married to his niece and made governor of Livonia, and Swedish. the King Gustav Eriksson, to-cerned Boris Godunov was going to marry his daughter Xenia. Mikhail Fedorovich found out the Dutchman P. Marselis, industrialist and diplomat that date. King has a son 22 years old by the name of Valdemar. According to the Dutch prince struck the king of suitable groom for his daughter Irene, and Michael sent to Denmark nobleman Fomin bring about the groom accurate reference and bring his portrait. In Denmark, quickly realized that such an interest from Russian. court to Kor. family can benefit. In the summer of 1641 in Moscow, it became known that the Danish Embassy emergency rides, including to-cerned was and B. Greater attention embassy has not received, because immediately upon arrival in Russian. capital became actively seek special privileges for its merchants, but without achieving anything, was forced, along with the Prince in October to leave the country. All attention Prospect Island was given to V. More on the way to Moscow bailiffs were ordered to examine and report being treated members of the embassy to the east and from there so honorably, as befits the CAR. son. In Moscow, he, together with the ambassadors was given a room in the house of doom. I. Gramotin clerk. To make the house nobles more or less tolerable to stay in it foreign. persons were ordered to remove from the yard manure and wood chips and sprinkle it with sand, and the house to bring in the divine form and make the necessary repairs. The following spring, Mikhail Fedorovich sent an ambassador to Denmark okolnichy Proesteva with a proposal of marriage to the Prince of CAR. daughter Irina. Ambassador, announced the sentence of the king, was asked on the to-ing he could not answer: "What are the city and the land will give the king his son in law?" When proest led the conversation that before marriage B. will need to be baptized by Pravoslav. rite, followed by a resolute refusal. In December of the same year, at the choice of the king he went to Denmark P. Marselis, who promised to give the name of the king of the future Tsar. son-in Suzdal, Rostov and others. city and give him and all the people who came to him for freedom of religion. Mosk. land in the West. Europe is a wild country, and awe-inspiring. "If, - said dates. Marselis nobles, - our prince to go, then do a slave forever, and that promise that has not been enforced. As the prince of our people to go to the wild! "Tempting