Vadim Rabinovich

Picture of Vadim Rabinovich

Date of Birth: 08/04/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Kharkov

Citizenship: Ukraine

on NTV, Jakubowicz and Rodnyanskaya

IFRA organization founded 40 years ago and is the world`s largest association of publishing houses and editorial offices of the media, as well as organizations in the sphere of Internet technologies and newspaper technology. Today IFRA has in its ranks of mainstream media in America and Europe, "sharks" media technology. This conference in Geneva - the largest collection of members IFRA, which was attended by nearly 4 thousand representatives from 43 countries.

Ukrainian publishing house "CN-Capital News" in a solemn ceremony, under the sounds of the national anthem of Ukraine was accepted as a full member IFRA. Certificate confirming this membership, on the stage of the largest complex of "PALEXPO" in the hands of the president of the publishing house "CN-Capital News" Vadim Rabinovich, director of IFRA presented Gunter Bettcher. "We are pleased that another country will be represented in our organization," - he said at the presentation of Mr. Bettcher.

Speaking before an audience of more than chetyrehtysyachnoy Chief Editor ID "CN-Capital News" Vladimir Katzman told the forum participants about the situation in the Ukrainian media about the problems - both real and fictitious. Chief, the editor ID and said that such forums would be advisable to carry out in the countries of Eastern Europe ": And the best choice in this case - Ukraine".

After the inauguration of the publishing house "CN-Capital News" (Ukraine) is the largest international media organization IFRA President PH Vadim Rabinovich answered questions of Russian news agencies and television, magazines and newspapers of Russia.

- What do you expect from joining IFRA?

- Your question is the same as the topic of conversation that I had with the general director of the organization Bettcher Gunther: You know, friends do not have to wait chego-to - we are ready to seriously cooperate thoroughly with a very reputable organization in the field of print and electronic media - IFRA. We have reached an agreement on the inclusion and Ukrainian press in the most prestigious journalistic projects IFRA. And we are very pleased that as a result, Europe will hear another voice of Ukraine ...

- Vadim Z., some time ago the media in Ukraine and Russia intensively discussed the purchase of the theme you NTV package. Is there any news from this "front"?

- We have held talks with NTV, and to those who at least indirectly, is related to this transaction. Unfortunately, in any "marriage" it is important that both parties want it. We wish to present. But I think that the Russian media structure is still far removed from the infant of similar structures in countries of the former Soviet Union - and because we as investors were not interested. The question is not closed ...

But today we have won in the other - and NTV, and many others have recognized our right to a partnership in the field of manufacturing high-quality and modern television product. An example of this is the successful project "Shock Show" Yuri Rogoza, which is already under way on the NTV channel, and several other projects that we are now planning to carry out. I have left the best impression of the people with NTV, with whom we met and talked - "enteveshniki" Great, professional guys, and I am sure that we are with them and will continue to work successfully ...

- Television broadcasting of Russian TV channels in Ukraine is practically reduced to zero. Your same media holding in Ukraine today operates in Russian. Do you feel pressure about it? ..

- When he was in Europe, it`s fine to include the fact that in Italy, for example, quietly you can watch the English-language or German-language channels: All of this linguistic orgy going on, in my opinion, from a lack of culture and lack of confidence in their own abilities. Compete is necessary to develop more high-quality TV product, rather than in the intrigues under the table. I am convinced that the Russian-language media will exist in Ukraine, and what else is important - will always be in demand. We are now preparing joint projects with Russian broadcasters, hopefully in the near future these projects will have specific content.

- Recently, the producer of "Studio 11" Alexander Rodnyanskii in an interview with Russian "Vedomosti" outlined his vision of the events around this channel and your relationship: And what is your opinion?

- Alex (and it will always remain for me Lesha) has to say and do what he dictated. Not being an independent figure, it is, unfortunately, more deeply drawn into the criminal-Corporate Business quagmire, which at the time had already swept through the Russian expanses.

When he came to me - it was clean and talented boy, now fledgling opera, he has grown a beak and claws, there was one problem. Rodnyanskii today resembles the famous character from the novel by Ilf and Petrov "The Twelve Chairs" - Alhena, remember, he always stole - and emubylo sincerely ashamed. So Alex - it`s the same "blue thief", but on television. He was ashamed - ashamed of the fact that from a creative person he has become a shadow telebiznesmena, ashamed of the position of "what would you like?", In which he is in relation to not the most cleanly politicians. He actually blushes when media appear false information about licenses "Studio 1 + 1". And it is very much going through when the float denunciations of this lost man in the police across Europe. I already collect: Lesha is not necessary to deny - it should be pitied.

Of course, as a human I understand his emotional outburst, apparently, he wanted to eat fish, and that no one knew the truth. That`s hot! The young still! .. But the market is the market! .. Better than all of Rodnyanskaya Alexander Oleynikov said, one of the leaders of NTV he recalled that during the premiere at the Moscow House of Cinema film pathos Rodnjanskogo ending scene when my grandfather said to her grandson: "This our graves, and we have to stay in this country! " - At Rodnjanskogo on eyes had tears in his pocket - a ticket to permanent residence in Germany, and in the wings - packed suitcases: And so all my life! ..

- And what about the advertised project Leonid Yakubovich on Ukrainian TV?

- The project went, as one famous politician. Conditional its name - "Dikanka"; This is not a clone of the "Field of Miracles", no doubt, it is much more modern show, which combines with "Paul," only the presence of a sign, a figure beloved by all, Leonid Yakubovich. We plan to debut in mid-December of this year ...