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"Tyketto" is one of the best and at the same time one of the most underrated bandswhich produced radioformatny melodic rock.

This New York team was never able to achieve considerable success, although its nice the AOR - songs with a majestic vocals deserve much more attention. The project was established in the late 80`s vocalist Danny Vaughn, shortly before left the ranks of the "Waysted".error status: 400which debuted in 1991 with the album "Don`t Come Easy". It was produced by Richie Zito plate and keyboard parts played by Alan Pasqua.

Tyketto disc contains an excellent collection of AOR- tracks and was a few weighted version of "Journey" and "Foreigner". Particularly worth noting the remarkable vocal Vaughn ,whose talent manifested itself in full force on the single "Forever Young" and the powerful ballad "Standing alone". To promote the album, the team went to England, where she performed the opening act for "White Lion". During a tour in the collective strife broke out, which led to Jimmy Kennedy care. To win back the remaining concerts "Tyketto" helped bassist "White Lion" James Lomenzo and return home position taken by Jamie Scott.

The updated configuration, the band began recording their second album, but when the work was already almost completed, the company "Geffen" broke the contract, reasoning that in the era of grunge melodik-Rock will not bring the desired dividend. In search of a new roof musicians promykalis almost two years until, finally, they were unable to build out their offspring on freshly baked label "CMC International".

TykettoNa next year after the publication of "Strength in numbers" Vaughn `s wife was diagnosed with cancer, and he was forced to leave the team ,to care for a sick wife. Place the departed vocalist took the former frontman of "Tall Stories" Steve Auger, whose debut on the album "Shine". The band`s sound is now as close as possible to the "Journey", and so it was not surprising that Oger later found himself in the ranks of the famous team. Howbeit,but "Tyketto" did not manage to capture the attention of a wider audience. The number of its fans steadily declined, and significantly changed the musical landscape did not leave the team any hope.

In 1996, the band released a live album "Take out & Served up" and then turned their activities. As already mentioned, Steve Auger left in "Journey",and on the threshold of the millennium Vaughn, Scott and Clayton teamed up in a project "Vaughan". Only took a short-term reunion "Tyketto" in 2004, when the original lineup had a European tour.

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Tyketto picture
Tyketto photo
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