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Place of Birth : Atlanta, United States

Citizenship : United States


"Trillville" - rap group from Atlanta, USA. The new generation of style crunk. The revolutionaries in the hip- hop movement.

In 1997, when " Trillville " members were still in the ninth year of high school, rap project won the sickly status - "Gods of Crunk", or " Crank gods. " A member of the group ,known as the Dirty Mouth (literally, dirty mouth) was the leader of the school team of drummers and engaged in writing rechetativa. His friend and partner in the group, Don P, in full sprayed rap and engaged in writing rhythm sections, and Lil LA (as Lil Atlanta) passionately engaged in promotion of talented guys, acting promoter. Later Lil LA became the third member of the rap group "Trillville", is also rumored to be the guardian angel of the team participated in the creation of the disc of Roman Verona, along with Dwayne Michael Carter (known as Lil Wayne).

The famous rapper and producer Lil Jon, visiting one of the performances of a trio of Atlanta ,immediately signed them to the label `BME Recordings`. Their single, "Neva Eva", which became the theme song in 2004 for the professional baseball team ` Breyvs` Atlanta, began to rise in the music charts in late 2003. Inspired by the success, "Trillville" started to work on their first album, which was published in 2004In the making of the album with a very long name, "The King of Crunk & BME Recordings Present: Trillville & Lil Scrappy", attended by stars such as `Dirty South`, Pastor Troy, Bo Hagon and Lil Scrappy.

Next SGD, not included in the album, "Get Some Crunk In Your System", while zuchal on the radio, but did not become a regular, but the third single ,"Some Cut", the radio station was received with great enthusiasm by displaying popular track in the ether around the country. Not long ago a group of "Trillville" with Chingy (hip- hop musician Howard Bailey Jr.) Collaborated in the creation of the track "Country Boy (Remix)" for rhythm and blues singer Tyra Bolling.

"Reloaded" album was shelved ,and later it was decided not to publish it ; In 2006, the team released the song "Nothing Less" and only in June 2008 "" Trillville " released their next album, calling his creation " Straight Up. No Chaser ". But "Straight Up. No Chaser " and the single " Money Line " were published without the participation of Dirty Mouth, kotoryyv 2007 left the band ,wanting to try their hand at a solo project.

In the period from 2004 to 2008. the band released several videos, including "Neva Eva", "Get Some Crunk In Yo System", "Some Cut", "Nothing Less", "Nothing Less", "Watch Me Do This", "Dont Want Drama" and " Heat It Up ".

knownthat Dirty Mouth and Don P is a graduate of Stephenson High School in Stone montain, USA.

Someone accuses crunk in the weak lyrics and the same type of music. But this kind of hip-hop live a full and vibrant life in many clubs. And, who knows, maybeit is a group of "Trillville" his works influenced many critical minds, re-evaluate the bold rhythms crunk - flow

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