Traugott Gerber

Picture of Traugott Gerber

Date of Birth: 1710

Age: 33

Place of birth: Zodel in Saxony

Citizenship: Germany


Date of birth is not certain. It is known that he was born in Saxony in the family of a Lutheran priest Johann Georg Gerber (Johann George Gerber) and Gerber Sidonia (Sidonia Gerber), nee Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer). Traugott Gerber`s father died four months before the birth of her son; baptism took place Jan. 16, 1710. On the early years very little is known.

April 29, 1730 Traugott Gerber was enrolled in the University of Leipzig. June 26, 1735, he turned to the medical faculty of the doctoral diploma. A month later, July 29, 1735 Gerber introduced to protect the thesis