Tracy And Karen Vasseur

Picture of Tracy And Karen Vasseur

Citizenship: United States

Family consecutive scams

Fraud on the expanses of the network - the theme of the old, but its relevance has not lost. Fraudsters regularly invent new ways to trick unsuspecting users too; Some of these methods are real masterpieces - so an unknown creator of the legendary Nigerian `pisem` in 2005 received the Ig Nobel Prize for Literature.

In all sorts of dating sites scammers always finds a lot. Extortion of money under the guise of a pretty girl image (created, as a rule, it is literally at the knee, with the help of a couple of dozen photos found on the network) - the old reception; however, even now, with the help of scams periodically manages greatly facilitate other people`s wallets. More recently, two of Colorado (Colorado) State resident - a mother and daughter, Karen and Tracey Wasser - managed to lure their victims a total of more than one million US dollars.

As mentioned above, usually scammers pretend to the girls; Tracy and Karen, on the other hand, portrayed themselves as men. It was assumed that these men were American soldiers, whose parts are quartered in Afghanistan (Afghanistan). US military mother and daughter Wasser depict three years. For etovremya they managed to deceive 375 people from 41 countries of the world; were among their victims and the American - by the way, at least 6 of them live with a fraud in one state.

Acted Karen and Tracey is not alone; at the moment the police start from the premise that women are part of a global project fraudulent. Who created this project is not yet known; it is interesting that all traces of lead in all the same Nigeria (Nigeria).

For the case of unknown swindlers came quite seriously - at the moment has 20 accounts of legal entities and 11 local banks have been found; used these accounts to launder stolen money. According to documents the account belonged to `A-Team Distributions Inc.` and` KKJ Services`; however, little use could not be obtained from these names.

If you have not been able to catch the leaders of the global network, the Karen and Tracey from the police already are not going anywhere. By the way, Tracy used in the family business and even his own daughter; 16-year-old girl filmed fraudulently obtained money and transfer them (after removal of the provisions thereof) in Nigeria.

At the moment, Tracy Wasser `svetit` 205 years in prison; her mother will spend behind bars `vsego` 172 years.