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The first of his boat - a small schooner - Drake built in 1915 with his own hands. Schooner was 9.75 meters long, 3.05 meters wide. Kiel, stern-post frames and Drake made of oak, trim and deck - made of cedar. Navigation equipment were: sextant, barometer, compass and ... Service.

A few years Drake sailed the west coast of North America, and then traveled to the Caribbean Sea and the ports of the Atlantic coast. On the way back Pyuzhet Sound, after passage through the Panama Canal, a schooner loaded with collections of shells, corals and sponges, during a heavy storm broke at the coast of Mexico in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. Drake in a shipwreck has not received any injuries. Scrapped the schooner ashore badly damaged.

Drake was not at all discouraged by failure, and by building a new yacht -II>, he again hit the road. Failures at this time pursuing it. While swimming in the Greater Antilles crashed on coral reefs near Cuba. Navigator escaped with minor scratches. Thrust Drake is taken for the construction of a third boat. Although Drake in

general, it was not superstitious, but his next yacht, he did not mention the name of the ancestor-pirate. Drake gave her name. It was again the schooner (length 10.6 m, width 3.4 m, draft of 1.2 meters). It seemed that finally brought happiness sailor. Sail, Drake again trying to realize circumnavigation. safely sailing along the eastern coast of the American continent, and then a few months circling the Caribbean.

From Nassau (Bahamas) Drake went to Charleston (South Carolina), where for several months repairing the boat before swimming across the Atlantic. Prepare well, he takes a course to the shores of Europe by the Azores. Off the coast of England yacht enters the heavy storm - the first storm during the voyage. After fifty-two days of solitary travel Drake makes a stop in the FRC pas Cornwall.

Then part of the Thames and Drake visits native Gravesend, where he was for fifty years. Mariner warmly welcomed, and his yacht becomes the subject of pilgrimage.

Drake directs the North Sea, enters the ports of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Moving in stormy weather off the coast of Holland, in the conditions of very poor visibility, broken down at the mouth of the Scheldt. Shestidesyatishestiletnego sailor, escaped on a boat, picked up the fishermen. Drake returns in Pyo-Jet Sound by boat. The flight lasted more than three years, during which time the yacht passed 30,000 miles and visited 117 ports.

Fourth yacht Drake was two-masted schooner 11.3 meters long, 3.7 meters wide, with a draft of 1.2 meters.

Septuagenarian Drake performs at the next flight along the Pacific coast of North America, and then sent to the Hawaiian Islands, which reaches twenty-eight days, breaking the 3,000 miles. After a long voyage among Hawaii Drake set off on the return journey to the continent, which reached for fifty-three days. This flight pro-godil in extremely difficult conditions: constant storms and headwinds prevented to sail at a good speed. Besides navigator seriously injured his left hand.

Some sources imply that Drake naplavatsya during their voyages a total of 130,000 miles.