Tomasz Zebrowski

Picture of Tomasz Zebrowski

Date of Birth: 11/24/1714

Age: 43

Place of birth: Zhmud

Citizenship: Lithuania


Born on Zhmud November 24, 1714. The Academy and the University of Vilna Society of Jesus studied philosophy (1735-1738), then theology (1740-1744). He cultivated abroad - in Prague in mathematician and astronomer Joseph Steplinga (1750-1752); according to other sources, he was sent abroad in 1732, and at the Charles University studied mathematics and astronomy. He published two small manuals on arithmetic and geometry; other sources define them as a program of exams in mathematics and geometry (written in Latin).

Doctor of Philosophy and Science Free (1752); in 1752 he taught mathematics at the Academy, and the University, Professor (1753). In 1752, designed the building in Vilnius Astronomical Observatory (according to other sources, Zhebrovsky designed the observatory in 1742). In 1753 he founded the study of physics and astronomy, supervised the construction of the observatory, for which brought from England needed astronomical equipment.

The telescope was used for a long time, until the end of the XVIII century. Now the oldest in Lithuania telescope on display in the exhibition of the Museum of Science of Vilnius University in the White Hall of the library. Its restoration (restoration of the optical system and the production of the missing item, 2003) at the expense of the company "Lietuvos Telekomas" has cost 6 thousand litas.

In the years 1753-1758 Zebrowski was the director of the Vilnius University Observatory. Conducted a systematic astronomical observations, in particular, the occultation of Jupiter. In 1756, he established the geographic breadth of Vilnius.


Tomasz Zebrowski - an outstanding architect of the late Baroque, one of the most prominent representatives of the Vilna school Baroque and Rococo. He mentioned as an architect as early as 1746, when he was sent to continue the construction of the Jesuit church in Bobruisk. In the years 1748-1750 to rebuild after the fire of St. Ignatius church in Vilna; I give the building features of the "new style" Rococo.

In addition to the astronomical observatory, designed in 1755 and began construction of the Jesuit church in Ilukste (Latvia). He also created the design and construction of the church began in benedektinok Krozhah (Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary; 1757-1763) and the building of the Jesuit monastery and school in Zhodishki (Belarus). The project Zebrowski in the middle of the XVIII century chapel was built in honor of St. Stanislaw Kostka church in the Jesuit College, which was located on the site of the western wing in the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University.

The most famous architectural work Zebrowski, familiar with the device astronomical observatories in Prague and Vienna - an astronomical observatory. Its design is depicted by the artist of the second half of the XVIII century, Ignatius Eggenfelderom portraits Zebrowski and Elizabeth Oginski-Puzyna, the means of which the observatory was constructed (portraits stored at the Art Museum of Lithuania).

The observatory was built on top of the old three-storey building of the northern body board, from the XVIII century, nothing obscured the horizon. She made two erected one to the other room, which formed the fourth and fifth floors, as well as two three-storey towers tetrahedral. The fourth floor was occupied by a large hall (now the White Hall of the Vilnius University Library), which contained instruments for astronomical observations and physical experiments, scientific collections were exhibited, conducted training sessions. Erected on a set of a large hall on the fifth floor superstructure designed for astronomical observations. The necessary instruments are raised from the great hall by hatch in the roof.

Towers at the corners of his observatory is shaped like a baroque towers of Vilnius churches. They were supposed to be the same, and its architectural way represent astronomical science. At the top of the eastern tower of the project was to decorate the terrestrial sphere, western - heavenly. The construction of the west tower and dragged to death Zebrowski has not been completed. Built according to his design east tower was decorated with a globe instead of a weather vane.

As later stated Marcin Odlanicki Poczobutt, the building, designed by his teacher Zhebrovsky, external grandeur surpassed korolevsuyu Greenwich observatory. During the renovation in 1825 gave Karol Podchashinsky tower classic features. In 1837 the west tower was destroyed, and the eastern tower was disassembled upper third floor; observation deck was fitted on it.