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Competition organizer hyperacute eating chicken wings

6 chicken wings - a relatively good dinner, but 10 minutes a grown man to cope with them well able to. In London `Red Dog Saloon`, however, even one chicken wing may become a non-trivial task indeed - no wonder this is where the competition took place` Naga Viper chilli`. As part of the contest participants are given 10 minutes to to cope with 6 chicken wings, richly flavored pepper legendary `Naga Viper` - spice, on its severity, approximately 250 times greater than the jalapeno pepper. By Scoville (Scoville) - designed precisely to assess the severity of food - local flaps are estimated at 1.3 million units; This dish is so active that it has to apply even when wearing gloves.

By organizing the competition diner owner Tom Burke fits extremely seriously. The recipe for the wings he designed himself; besides hyperacute pepper, to include a whole series of ingredients that give the dish an extra sharpness and flavor. Pretty Burke carefully thought out and the rules - so you need to consume the meat directly from the bone without cutting and without removing his cutlery. Seizing or drink should not be incredibly spicy chicken; and can not get up from the table to end the contest. After the final victory over the dish proposed participant must stay at the table - not being able to freshen up your mouth with water or food - for at least another 5 minutes.

Each participant is invited to pre-sign a special waiver of claims - extremely sharp wings are very, very negative impact on the state of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ironically, those wishing to try their hand in the battle with sharp wings from Tom Burke is a lot of - a week of extreme customer-dialed about 50. More recently, the call `wings Berka` threw nektoTomash Pyatkovski (Tomasz Piatkowski); man signed the document and boldly rushes into battle with an incredibly sharp meat. Most of them the task is too tough; weekly updated list of champions on the strength of two or three names.

Test sharpness - not only competition which is arranged for the guests in the establishment of Tom Burke. Many are willing to try their hand at the contest `The Devastator Challenge`. During the same 10 minutes, guests are invited to cope with a large portion of fries, milkshakes and a great burger. As the saying goes, if you do not have time, then at least naeshsya.