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American rock musician of Chilean origin, bass guitarist, a member of the group Slayer.

Thomas Enrique Araya was born on June 6, 1961 in the city of Valparaiso, Chile, and was the fourth child in a family of seven children. When Tom was four years old ,his family moved to the United States, the California city of South Gate.

In eight years, Tom Araya (Tom Araya) first picked up a bass guitar in his hands and with his older brother - and pleasure - the song was playing the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

In the early 80 - ies of the financial problems of a large family, as well as the teachings of his father and older sister ,Tom was forced to enter the two-year medical courses and at the same time start working part-time - a respiratory technician.

In the same period, Tom met musician Kerry King, songwriter and creator of a young, unknown to anyone, the group of Slayer. Learning about the ability

Tom as a bass player ,King invited him to participate in the group. At the same time the group includes guitarist Jeff Hanneman and drummer Dave Lombardo.

Musicians have been actively rehearsing with Tom Araya (Tom Araya) continued to work in the clinic, putting part of the money to record their first album.

Slayer `s debut record group - "Show No Mercy" -was published in 1983, it was, and in the 1984th group already went on tour in Europe. Soon Tom Araya (Tom Araya) quit his job and devoted himself to music. Work has begun to boil, and after some time a team recorded a second album - "Haunting the Chapel".

The next two years were also very productive. In 1985-the year the band released two albums - "Hell Awaits" and "Live Undead", - and came out the loudest and successful album in 1986 year - "Reign in Blood".

Vposledsvii group has consistently produced albums - almost once a year. Most of the lyrics and music to them himself wrote Tom Araya (Tom Araya). His favorite theme was death,error status: 400Currently, Tom Araya (Tom Araya) lives with his wife, Sandra, and two children - Ariel and Ace Jr. Enrique Thomas. They live on a ranch near the town of Buffalo, Texas.

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Tom Araya picture
Tom Araya photo
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