Tina Brown

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Date of Birth: 11/21/1953

Age: 62

Place of birth: Maidenhead

Citizenship: United States


She was born in the United Kingdom (Great Britain), but in 2005 became an American citizen, having lived in the United States (United States) for over 20 years - in 1984, Brown arrived here to take the editorial chair of the magazine `Vanity Fair`. Having become in 25 years the chief editor of the British magazine `Tatler` and making a tiny publication of dying in modern glossy magazine, on whose work adorned the covers of the most famous photographers of his time, she has achieved very high position in the American media industry. Thus, from 1984 to 1992, Brown led the `Vanity Fair`, and then another six years led the famous` The New Yorker`. Interestingly, the heading `Tatler`, Brown wrote itself for each new number, and then tried to keep this pleasant tradition of working with other publications. Later the story was repeated with `Vanity Fair`. When Brown received an offer to head the magazine, which was published again after half a century, he clung to life with his last strength. Pretentious, devoid of humor and liveliness, frankly dull gloss turned under her leadership in one of the most respected publications in the world of fashion. Since then, the past quarter century, but to take their positions `Vanity Fair` not going.

In 2000, for his contribution to the international journalism Brown was awarded the Order of the British Empire (Order of the British Empire), and in 2007 was inducted into the Hall of Fame magazine editors. As an editor, Brown became the winner of four George Polk Award (George Polk Award), five times - the International Press Club (Overseas Press Club Award), and ten times - the National Magazine Award (National Magazine Awards).

In October 2008, she joined forces with Barry Diller (Barry Diller), head of `IAC / InterActiveCorp`, and founded the news portal` The Daily Beast`. Two years later, in November of 2010, `The Daily Beast` teamed up with American news weekly` Newsweek`, with the result that the light appeared `The Newsweek Daily Beast Company`. 59-year-old Tina Brown currently holds the post of chief editor of both publications.

Christina Humbly Brown (Christina Hambley Brown) was born November 21, 1953 In city Maidenhead (Maidenhead) in the south of England (England), but grew up Tina and her older brother, Christopher (Christopher Hambley Brown), who later became a film producer, in the countryside west of London (London). Tina`s father, George Humbly Brown (George Hambley Brown), was a well known figure in the British film industry - he produced the first films on the books of Agatha Christie (Agatha Christie) Margaret Rutherford (Margaret Rutherford) in the role of Miss Marple (Miss Marple). Mother Christina and Christopher, Bettina Iris Mary Cor (Bettina Iris Mary Kohr), was at one time an assistant Olivier (Laurence Olivier), and in later years, when, having retired, lived with her husband in Spain (Spain), wrote articles for the local English-language magazine.

Schoolgirl Tina had a hideous reputation and flew for his conduct of the three schools. On the other hand, no one would be a protest against the school rules, allowing only change clothes three times a week? At age 17, she enrolled at Oxford (University of Oxford), studied at the College of St. Anna (St. Anne`s College) and graduated with a BA in English literature. A student she wrote for the university literary magazine `Isis`, and witty prose Brown attracted the attention of professionals and provided in the publication` The New Statesman`. Her early one-act play `Under the Bamboo Tree` brought Tina Prize` Sunday Times National Student Drama Award`, and the next play, `Happy Yellow`, was staged in one of the London theaters, and on the stage of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).

In 1973, the literary agent of Tina showed Harold Evans (Harold Evans), the editor of `The Sunday Times`. Despite the significant age difference - Tina Evans over 25 years - between them began a relationship in 1978, Evans and his wife divorced, and in August 1981, Brown and Evans were married. The ceremony took place at the legendary estate of Grey Gardens (Grey Gardens) in East Hampton, New York (East Hampton, New York). In 1986, their son was born, George (George Evans), and in 1990 - daughter Isabel (Isabel Evans). Tina and her husband now live in New York (New York City).

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