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Date of Birth: 01/19/1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro

Citizenship: Brazil


Author: Olga Strelkova

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The son of Valdir and Marielle, Thiago was born on January 19, 1978 at 7:30 utra.Simpatichny baby immediately became the darling of the family, he said goodbye to all the mischief and pranks. But most of all spoiled grandson of his grandfather Joaquim, still they remain best friends and all of Thiago prefers to spend holidays in the house of his grandfather in Minos.

Thiago`s mother recalls, "despite the fact that we have tried to instill good manners Thiago, he

He was restless and sorvantsom.V pranks was not equal to him in ingenuity and fantazii.Vo the Carnival holidays and he was always in the house of the grandparents in Risifi, away from the crowds. And there he was always waiting for the same fellow urchins. So climb into other people`s gardens and stealing the fruit was the main occupation of their leisure time! "

Thiago`s younger sister, Juliana, still can not forget how treacherous brother in the night cut off her hair and arranged it all sorts lovushki.Tyago could neither sit still for a minute, one day, when he was 4 years old, remained for a moment unattended he managed to climb the tallest tree in his grandfather`s sadu.Snimali the tree with your family.

Boundless energy son concerned parents decided to send a peaceful course and gave Thiago in the swimming section. For sporting activities Thiago treated seriously and in 18 years to his credit was about 150 medals and victories in junior competitions plavaniyu.On was an absolute champion in freestyle stile.Znatoki predicted him a brilliant career in the sport.

Interested in the opposite sex handsome Thiago began quite early, and the first kiss happened when he was only 11. A chosen one of the first sexual experience at age 15, was the 18 year-old beauty, daughter, grandfather neighbors Reseyo. Gentle friendship lasted not long, but Thiago remembers that time with pleasure, "I am still grateful to the girl for a wonderful experience."

Romantic young man has since fallen in love many times, but all his hobbies were quite fast. The longest lasted for 1 year and 4 mesyatsa.Ne little girls` hearts were broken windy handsome himself Thiago attitude to love easily, finishing one lyubvnuyu story, he immediately fell into a new one.

Effectively looks Thiago appreciated not only by women, the famous Brazilian photographer Junior Fernandez, opened the world such names as Zulya Paulo, Rodrigo Santoro, Eduardo Moskovish made Thiago Lacerda portfolio when he was only 16 years old.

Thiago early wanted to be independent and wanted to find a job. When he was asked to work in a modeling agency Ford, he gladly accepted. I took a few photo shoots, worked for advertising, earned some money and weary ... "The biggest advantage of the model work I considered earnings, and the rest was boring, monotonous, tedious and did not bring any pleasure."

During this time Thiago decides on his future career. Work model he was tired, to become a professional athlete is too heavy and it is doubtful in the long term, if he decides for the company to enroll in another school of acting studio.

At the same time he entered the State University of Rio de Janeiro, in the course of administration and biznesa.Otets he predicts bright future in the banking sector, and indeed Thiago has represented himself as a successful manager of a large bank of Rio de Janeiro.

But so far it is only a dream, but in fact he has to get up early, to sit on the bus and hurry to work in Rio Shopping Complex, where he works part-time seller.

But he does not forget about acting, she decides to learn on TV Globo courses and then the fate of a phone call upset all the plans for the future banker. He was offered a sample in the telenovela Malhazgo naturally Thiago immediately agreed.

"Since my childhood I loved cartoons and would televidenie.Osobenno serialy.Esli I knew how to draw, it would probably miltikov artist, but I can not draw at all. The very process of work on the telenovela just fascinated me. I thought," Oh, yes it is I always wanted to do! "."

After more than a modest success in the novel Malhazgo, Thiago six months does not receive the new proposals, sad and once again dreaming of a bank. But luck nourish, Globo invites to the casting in the new telenovela "Unrestrained Hilda." More than 50 actors auditioned for the role of the handsome Aramela, approved Thiago. His work in this series Thiago still calls "the first stone in the foundation of my career." Immediately after the show, Globo signs two-year contract with the young talent, but Thiago is awarded 1998 as best young actor. The next work was the series "Pecado Capital" ( "Easy Money") and the role of the son of a millionaire playboy and Vicente, the conqueror of female hearts and complete egoist. .

Finally, and the main role! Mateu of telenovelas "Terra Nostra" ( "Land of Love") - the most important work on Thiago Lacerda televidenii.Sluchayno learned about the casting of the series, Thiago ran on the sample and the casting on this ended. The role was his. The preparation of the role of Italian immigrants came from all over Thiago sereznostyu.On visited the intensive Italian language courses, learned to play the trumpet and dancing tarantellu.Nakonets he went to Italy, "I never ate so much pasta, I do not drink much wine, did not dance and did not go to tavern, it was an amazing time. "

On set, there was already a real Italian Mateo, even stern director Jaime Montjardin was conquered by diligence and talent of reincarnation young actor

The success of the series once Thiago transferred from novice actors to the rank of the actors of the first large Brazilian velichiny.Vse magazines came out with photos Thiago on the first page. "I was stunned. For in my life, there have been two major changes so that I was scared. But I`m humble and persistent, I understand that the role of Mateu was a big success for me, but not going to stop progress. "

This is indeed the case, the mini-series "Brazilian Watercolor" in 2000, has become the best mini-series, the film "The Passion Jacobine" in 2001, where the main partners Thiago steel actress Leticia Spiller, and a huge black stallion, won the laudatory articles strict Brazilian critics. In addition, participation in the show, the work on charity events and much more ... One of the plans is the conquest of Thiago theater scene, most likely it will happen at the end of goda.V a recent interview Thiago mysteriously hints at a theatrical project, but details are kept Seret.

And in his personal life until all unchanged, for a long time that the hot and non-permanent Thiago is not typical, he meets a girl. Probably everyone remembers the romantic Maria Antonia of the series "Suave Veneno", it played an actress Vanessa Loesh, it is already more than a year the number of officially actor girlfriend. Official bride it has not yet been named, but all family holidays Thiago comes only with Vanessa, which by the way is very like his mother.

Lives and rather sometimes comes to stay, since "a lot of work and schedule just crazy," Thiago in his parents` house in Tijuca. While dreaming to buy their own home someday get married and have a bunch of detishek.Emu no stranger to such simple human pleasures like going to a bar to drink a beer, lie on the beach, go to dance, eat delicious lemon cake made favorite mamoy.I finally he just loves sex, as though according to everyone "this is an important part of my life, sometimes relaxing, sometimes love, sometimes physical need."

And in all other matters he is modest, "I do not dream of Ferrari with Mercedes and the stars from the sky I also do not have to. I have a strong financial position and of course I want to live not much thinking about their daily bread. Salaries at Globo me is enough!" -so says Thiago in all his interviews. It is true that each year earns about 400 thousand reais a year on advertising, Thiago modest as always silent. But as we know, modesty adorns!


Full Name: Thiago Ribeiro Lacerda

GROWTH: 1.93 m Weight: 93 kg shoe size: 44-45

Born: January 19, 1978 in Rio de Janeiro

FAMILY: Father - a former businessman, his mother - a housewife, has a younger sister Juliana

PERFUME: Dolce & Gabbana

Favorite color: blue and black

Favorite Food: lasagna and chocolate

Hobbies: Football, swimming, surfing, walking with friends

Now the woman he loved, Vanessa Loes- (actress)

Favorite movies: "Titanic," "The Mask of Zorro," "Braveheart"

Favorite books: "Contact the night side" Sidney Sheldon

IDOL: tragically died racer F1, Senna Aerton

My favorite actress: Paloma Duarte, Eva Wilma,

My favorite actor: Paulo Autran

FAVOURITE SINGER: Caetano Veloso, "Dire Straits", "U2"

Favorite singer Rita Lee, Marisa Monte

Music: Rock

DREAM: to withdraw from Hollywood directors, buy a big house by the sea

Favourite places: Buenos Aires

Dislikes: get up early

AIL: Football club "Flamenco"

RELIGION: Catholic

ADVANTAGE: sincerity, simplicity, directness, honesty

Disadvantage: the pride and stubbornness, the truth sometimes.

Actor - filmography

(2000s) (1990s)

"Aquarela do Brasil" (2000) (mini) TV Series .... Mario Lopes

"Terra Nostra" (1999) TV Series .... Mateo Batistela

"Pecado Capital" (1998) TV Series .... Vicente

"Hilda Furacao" (1998) (mini) TV Series .... Aramel

"Malhacao" (1994) TV Series .... Lula

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