Theodor Herzl

Picture of Theodor Herzl

Date of Birth: 05/02/1860

Age: 44

Place of birth: Budapest

Citizenship: Israel


From 1885, Theodor Herzl devoted himself entirely to literary work. He wrote a number of plays, humorous anecdotes and stories. Some of his plays have had success on the stages of the Austrian theaters.

Since October 1891 and July 1895, Herzl worked as a Paris correspondent "Neue Freie Presse" influential Viennese newspaper.

Sharp in the views and life of Theodor Herzl came under the influence of the famous Dreyfus affair (December 1894). Cries of "Death to the Jews!", Handed out at the streets of Paris at the time, led Herzl to believe that the only solution to the Jewish question could be the outcome of Jews from the countries of dispersion and exile in their own country.

In June 1895, Herzl began to make the first sketches for the book "The Jewish State." The book, in which Herzl outlined his program called "The Jewish State. Experience a modern solution to the Jewish question." It was published February 14, 1896 in Vienna. In the same year published its translation into Hebrew, English, French, Russian and Romanian.

The main idea of ??the book is that the Jewish question must be solved not by emigration from one country to another diaspora or assimilation, and the creation of an independent Jewish state. A political solution to the Jewish question, for Herzl thought, must be coordinated with the great powers.

After the release of his book, Herzl launched vigorous political activity. To spread his ideas Herzl founded, edited and funded weekly newspaper in German "Die Welt", the first of which came out in June 1897 with the active participation Herzl in August 1897 held in Basel 1 - and the Zionist Congress.

In subsequent years, Herzl was active for the formation of the Jewish state, met for this purpose, with many political figures from different countries.

Herzl died on July 3, 1904 in Edlahe (Austria) and was buried in Vienna.

August 14, 1949 the remains of Herzl, according to his will, reburied in Jerusalem.

Not far from his tomb built Herzl Museum. Day of the death of Theodor Herzl (the Hebrew calendar 20 th day of the month of Tammuz) celebrated in Israel as a national day of remembrance of his.