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Year of birth : 1996

Age: 19 years

Place of Birth : Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Citizenship : United States

Music American youth

`The Shins` - American indie rock and folk-rock band formed in 1996 in the city of Albuquerque, NewMexico (Albuquerque, New Mexico). Today, the group is based in Portland, Oregon (Portland, Oregon).

At the heart of every fan of indie rock `The Shins` occupy a special place, as a group, characterized as the cheerful songs and sad ballads, tune at times melancholic mood of youth. Their first album, `Oh,Inverted World`, immediately after receiving rave reviews from critics, was perhaps one of the most interesting indie rock records of the first years of the new millennium, and largely influenced the overall sound and style atmosphere. But the band did not stop there and continued his musical experiences ,students are awarded three more studio albums and dozens of singles and mini - albums and a huge number of live performances. Today, the group, as it became known to journalists, working on a new, already the fifth studio album, but the musicians themselves do not give any comments.

`The Shins` Group was founded in 1996-year in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and was a side project of James Mercer (James Mercer), while work hard with the team under the name `Flake Music`. Founded in 1992, `Flake Music` enjoyed success on the local scene, however, despite the successful recording and touring with other bands ,Group was still able popastna professional scene. Around the same time, James began working on the songs, which later came to the first record `The Shins` - 7 - inch vinyl record ` Nature Bears a Vacuum`. It was with the release of this work and the history of the group begins, which just a few years has won the hearts of fans of indierock across the country, and after the release of the first album and worldwide.

At first, most of the time the band performed for the operating time of the material, only occasionally visiting the studio and the local scene. The first notable success was the album of the collective `Oh, Inverted World`, will be available in June of 2001. 11 songs included on the disc ,quickly became popular, but two of them - `Caring Is Creepy` and ` New Slang` - steel unambiguous hits and even today, nearly 13 years after vyhodplastinki, are among the most popular songs of the group. According to the musicians, the inspiration for writing songs was their own creativity as well as popular songs of indie rock bands ,among which the participants `The Shins` noted ` Arcade Fire` and `The Decemberists`. The album received positive reviews critics, journalists and media `Allmusic` ` Sputnikmusic` rated it a rating of 5 stars, but the editors `Pitchfork Media` gave the album 8 out of 10 stars. Subsequently, the album was ranked number 115 in the ranking of the best albums of the 2000s, from the aforementioned `Pitchfork Media`. Songs `New Slang` and ` Caring Is Creepy` included in the official soundtrack of the film ` Country sadov` (Garden State), which is published several times a separate album.

The second album - `Chutes Too Narrow` - the band released in

2003, and ,Breaking stereotypes about classical ` provalnosti` second studio recording, the record in some degree even broken records debut recording. It was a new, cleaner sound that earned them a nomination for the award ` Gremmi` (Grammy Award) and thousands of sales, which are currently selected to the mark of 400 thousand copies.Many of the songs from the album entered the soundtracks of films and reklamnyhrolikov.

The last album to date `Port of Morrow` group presented in 2012, the year. Interestingly, this time the work of the group has received very mixed reviews : while one part of the critics complained that the group lost its unique sound and atmosphere, while others ,on the contrary, enthusiastically watched the growth of the creative team and a continuous process, during which the band experimented with new techniques and sounds. The album debuted at # 2 on the charts rock albums `Billboard`.

After the `Port of Morrow` group for a while took leave of absence from the studio, as so often in the past.In early 2014, the press began to appear information that musicians are working on a new album, but no confirmation or refutation of the group have not yet been reported.

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