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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 yearsPlace of Birth : Miami, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States

Customised American country

The Maverics Group in its history, broke twice, the second time in the disintegrated state of the team stayed for 10 years. This, however, did not prevent the team reborn and continue to please loyal fans new hits custom country and rockabilly.

The Mavericks - American musical group performing music rather eclectic sense. They specialize in Neotraditional country, rockabilly and Latin American solutions.

The group was founded in the 1989th in Miami, Florida (Miami, Florida). At the local music scene musicians made their first steps ,speaking to fans of punk and alternative. Often team ever to collaborate with other rising stars of the music world - the same kind of Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Manson). The original lineup consisted of vocalist Raul Malo (Raul Malo), guitarist Ben Peeler (Ben Peeler),bassist Robert Reynolds (Robert Reynolds) and drummer Paul Deakin (Paul Deakin). It is in this part of the band released their first LP, `The Maverics`; shortly thereafter, the team waited for the first personnel changes - replacing peeler came David Lee Holt (David Lee Holt).

In 1991 The Maverics signed with `MCA Nashville`;a year later they released their first major project, `From Hell to Paradise`. Shortly thereafter, the group left and David Holt ; following his plate, `What a Crying Shame` band recorded three already. To help them come time musicians. Soon the team joined guitarist Nick Kane (Nick Kane); despite,he was listed fourth member of the band on the cover of the album, and was referred to as a full member of the team in the output, in the recording of the album, Holt did not participate at all, because at that time the group has simply not a number.Minimum 4 composition `What A Crying Shame` plates were really successful and even entered in the top country hits ` Top 40`. The main success was waiting for the title track, `O What a Thrill`,` There Goes My Heart`, `I Should Have Been True`. The fifth single from the album, a cover version of `All That Heaven Will Allow` Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen),in the ranking rose to 49th lines.

In February 1994 he joined the group - as an auxiliary musicians - pianist Jerry Dale McFadden (Jerry Dale McFadden). It is often called ` the fifth Meverikom`, although a full member of the group he was not at once. However,McFadden has worked with a team of more than active - he could take part in the recording of all the live shows and studio group projects, starting with `Music for All Occasions` 1995. On this album, by the way, it became a very, very successful composition `Here Comes the Rain`,brought a group of ` Gremmi` Award in the category ` Best Performance Country Duo or Group with vokalistom`. Next song, `All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down`, in the ranking of country - works rose to 13th lines.

In the period from 1996 to 1997, the second group took part in a tour of `Tour For All Occasions`.In the same period, he was released their new studio album, `It`s Now! It`s Live`. Next record, album of 1998 `Trampoline`, included who occupied the 4th place in the ranking of the British song ` Dance the Night Away`. One fourth place, by the way, it`s not run out - in tune lasted hit-Britain parade for more than 10 weeks, and in general has become one of the most recognizable songs of The Maverics on British soil. Compositions `I`ve Got This Feeling` and ` Someone Should Tell Her` were also taken on British soil is very, very warm, take a good place in the charts. Alas, in the United States record was met with far less enthusiasm ,diverged markedly worse than the previous albums and was unable to provide any single level at least `Top 40`.

In 1999, the album saw the light of the group `s greatest hits ; in addition to the popular pieces from previous albums, the musicians involved in the album 3 new tracks. A year later the collection was reissued with two extra tracks ; Alas,and this re-release was not destined to give a single -level single `Top 40` - and this time the failure was waiting for the group as in the United States and in Britain. Of course, the failure affected significantly the financial position of the group ; their works have deteriorated markedly. In February 2000, The Maverics detained regular payments to all those who kept on the patch ,and in May - fired Nick Kane. Around the same time, not enough to start a solo career ; later the band actually broke up.

In 2003 it briefly reunited group ; Nick Kane`s place in the new line-up took Eddie Perez (Eddie Perez). The Maverics recorded a new album some time to travel to support it with a tour ,then collapsed again. After the collapse of the group Raul Malo I had recorded six solo albums. Reynolds McFadden and co-founded the group `SWAG`; together with them in the group worked Ken Coomer (Ken Coomer) of `Wilco`, Tom Petersson (Tom Petersson) of ` Cheap Trick` and Doug Powell (Doug Powell). About the team could and forget completely,but the musicians had other plans

In October of 2011 it became known that the group conceived again reunited. The new structure is expected to include Malo, Deakins, Reynolds, and Peres - already as a full participant - McFadden. In February 2012, the contract was signed with `Valory Music Co`;later saw the light of a digital EP `Suited Up and Ready`. Composition `Born to Be Blue` at the beginning of 2012 managed to enter the charts. February 26, 2013, the full-length album `In Time` was released.

In October 2014 the band was forced to part with bassist Robert Reynolds ; as it turned out, he was suffering from drug addiction.Money for Reynolds drugs under various flimsy pretexts, pulled out of the fans. For some time the story was kept secret, but in the 2014th it became public. Standing musician in place of the dismissed Reynolds never took. Problems with the drug for a long time affected the quality of the game Reynolds ,so that the use of the band tried before instead of guest stars ; We used a third-party of musicians The Maverics in the future - like concerts and the recording of new songs.

17 February 2015 of a new album, `Mono` was released

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