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It seems that for the first time in a widely publicized opening, the group is aiming so intricate and slozhnosochinennogo, with the album debut, though ,but - conceptual.

With songs of seven minutes (on average), professing hardcore with elements, terrible to say, dub. With musicians, proudly bearing the names of Cedric Bixler - Zavalas and Omar Rodriguez - Lopez and absolutely stunning hairstyles. However, for this couple, you probably would have heard.

In 1994, these people established ,and seven years later - covered bench, entitled At The Drive-In. That was very clever hardcore team whose near-death album "Relationship of Command" was unanimously recognized by discerning critics one of the events of 2001. The team trades music is quite public ,but firmly prevented recognize the judges quite commonplace, little to like and agree to a compromise only with the mainstream - to record the timing of the traditional four-minute rock songs. It seems that this compromise was the last stronghold of the "normality" ; now replaced by At The Drive-In came to The Mars Volta,Cedric and Omar finally came out of the control (that is AllMusic.Com can not be determined with any of their predecessors, or with brothers in mind, noting only formal connections).

Describe the studio debut of The Mars Volta is really easy: that tell me to do with the eight- track, which begins with a shaped nu-metal,and ends with an instrumental passage, outwardly indistinguishable from, sorry, Pink Floyd. Or with the song, whose timing is 12 minutes 28 seconds, which modernized the blues -rock side by side with the other noise and did not free jazz. With an album where Fugazi became friends with Miles Davis ,Primus and brutality rather famously combined with hysterical what some Evanescence. This is clearly a good album, but I definitely do not understand on what shelf to put it and what to compare it. Downright envy magazine "Q", has chosen "De-Loused In The Comatorium " main CD of the month and to disperse an appropriate review to a full magazine strip.

The latter, however, has one explanation. As mentioned above, the album neordinaren not only in terms of music - all ten tracks tightly connected by a single concept.The concept is also easy: the record is inspired by the biography of a close friend of musicians, artist Julio Venegas, who committed suicide at the second attempt, in 1996. Tell all failed - stitch booklet refers to a special website, through which you can order as texts of local songs and full story.If you raise the actual biography The Mars Volta, things get even more complicated: just before the release of this album, died from overdose and guitarist. It should be noted that this story has aroused the interest even before its beginning : producer service concelebrated with the famous Rick Rubin ,as well as a session bassist Flea spoke (The Mars Volta had time to play as the opening act in RHCP European tour) . Advances are more than justified - forward to continuing.

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