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Year of birth : 2005

Age: 10 years

Birthplace : Denver, Colorado, USA

Citizenship : United States

When success lies in simplicity

`The Lumineers` - American indie rock and folk- rock band, founded in 2005, the year in Denver, Colorado (Denver,Colorado). Begins as a duet, today `The Lumineers` has five members, and over the years on the stage of their fan base has grown several times - from the small bar regulars in Colorado to thousands of fans at the huge venues.

Interestingly, in the early years of the artist `s career remained in the shadows ,playing only local shows ; in 2012 their debut album `The Lumineers` suddenly gained popularity in the United States, and after a few songs that the group appeared in the American charts, it suddenly made a group of snow Denver one of the most popular indie rock kollektivovstrany. Participants themselves believethat the reason for the group`s success is its sound, which is used only acoustic instruments, drums preferred drum kit, and the whole paradigm of chords is narrowed to a few of the most necessary. ` We are not trying to reinvent the wheel - say musicians - we do not want to go against what is usually known.Nashipesni very simple, and the idea that we use when writing them, are common ideas. Anyone who can play a little musical instrument, can easily play our songs. A really important part of our creativity is the moment of the execution and presentation of our creativity at stsene`. Group `The Lumineers` founded in 2005, two muzkanta : Wesley Schultz (Wesley Schultz) and Freyts Jeremiah (Jeremiah Fraites). Both musicians while living in New York (New York) and played in small bars and pubs under the name `Wesley Jeremiah`. Over time, the team started to play, and other musicians ,but the first attempt to start a group were not the most successful : the cost studios in New York was extremely high, ashans success on stage is extremely small. Finally, when the life of the city became the musicians can not afford it, they decided to start a new chapter in his life and moved to Denver, Coloradowhere from the first day we began to search for new musicians for a band that would become `The Lumineers`.

Through the website of Internet ad `Craigslist` duo found a cellist

Neil Pekarek (Neyla Pekarek), which after meeting agreed to join the team, despite its ambitions in the world of classical, academic music. A couple of years the band performed in bars and concert halls in Denver, occasionally getting out to festivals in other states. Approximately in 2011, the band began to rehearse the song `Ho Hey`, which even recorded an amateur video ;Laid -Fi recording accidentally caught the eye Kristen Green (Christen Greene) and David Meynertu (David Meinert), managers of the label `Onto Entertainment`. Just a few days `The Lumineers` received a formal letter and an invitation to audition ,which ended with the signing of the contract and the plans of recording their debut album. To record the band went to the studio `Bear Creek Studio` in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington).

In the summer of 2012 the single `Ho Hey` became available for streaming and download. Just a few days the song hit the charts and a huge number of hit-parades, songs making the company the world`s most popular musicians. Lyubopytnosche that the composition became one of the cheapest of songs in the charts, as during recording is not used electronic instruments and processing finished in record time. The musicians then joked ,that with the same budget they could record a song around the campfire. The popular service `Spotify` song won first place and the group itself ranked first among indie rock and folk-rock performers.The ensuing album `The Lumineers` made even more popular : The album received excellent reviews by music critics and successfully sold both on physical media, and the Internet. The tour in support of their debut album only secured the success of the group. Frontman Wesley Schultz, later admitted that he, like all the other musicians ,worried for the success of the group on the professional stage, ` We are very happy that it was true. We know very well how fickle world of music, and how important it is to take it in his mesto`.

In 2013, the band released a deluxe version of the album, which included 5 new songs and 25 minutes of video - both from the life of the group, and from the scene. One of the new songs - `Scotland` - quickly fell in love with the fans, and the soundtrack the show ` Reign`. To date, the band continued to tour, and are known to write songs for the new album ; they themselves, however, do not say anything about the upcoming record, insisting only that it will repeat the style of previous work - Thereforegood weird and crazy.

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