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Year of birth : 1957

Age: 58 years

Place of birth : Paolo Alto, California ,USA

Citizenship : United States


She was instrumental in the revival of folk music from the late 1950s to the late 1960s. The group, which included the original Dave Gard (Dave Guard), Bob Shane (Bob Shane) and Nick Reynolds (Nick Reynolds), began with performances in nightclubs in San Francisco Bay. The trio has achieved international popularity with unprecedented sales figures of their full length and in many ways helped change the image of popular music in the United States.

`The Kingston Trio` was one of the most famous folk groups in a relatively short time flourishing era of pop -folk. Since her first album, released in 1959, in trek-sheet which entered the hit `Tom Dooley`, the group presented the 19 records that hit the charts ` Billboard`s Top 100`. In this case 14 of them settled in the ` Top 10`, and 5 of them are headed ` desyatku`. Four full length hit the top ten best-selling albums, starting in November and ending December 1959. Music historian Richie Anterberger (Richie Unterberger), describing the effect of `The Kingston Trio`, called the trio ` phenomenally populyarnym` and huge record sales of this group have shown that folk music from a narrow and elitist movement has become a commercially successful genre, opening the way for new authors and performers and folk-rock.

Dave Gard (b.October 19, 1934 - died March 22, 1991) and Bob Shane (born February 1, 1934) have been friends since elementary school, where he learned to play the ukulele ukulele.. After graduating from school in 1952, Gard went to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California (Stanford University, Palo Alto, California), and Shane - in Menlo-College (Menlo College) in the neighborhood. Bob became friends with Nick Reynolds (born July 27, 1933 -. Died on October 1, 2008) , a native of San Diego (San Diegan), which was already renowned expert in folk and calypso songs, thanks in part to his father, a career officer the US Navy, who knew how to play On guitar. Moreover, Reynolds had a tenor, playing guitar ,bongo and conga drums.

When the trio teamed up guys, attracting other interested persons, began to act in the campus and in the local get-togethers, often called `Dave Guard and the Calypsonians`, and neither Dave or Bob or even Nick did not think about how to get to the world of show business. In 1956, Shane flew to Hawaii ,to get started in the family business sporting goods.

Guard and Reynolds put together a quartet `The Kingston Quartet` with friends, bassist Joe Hanno (Joe Gannon) and vocalist Barbara God (Barbara Bogue). At some point, the group met a young publisher Frank Werber (Frank Werber), has agreed to become their manager, providedthat Gannon, in which Werber have no faith, someone will replace. However, Hanno from the group left God, and Reynolds, Guard and Werber unanimously decided that we should invite back Shane. In February 1957, Bob Shane willingly returned to the group.

Taking the name of `The Kingston Trio`, wards Werber few months 6-7:00 studied singing Judy Davis (Judy Davis), while working with an eclectic repertoire - folk, calypso and foreign songs. The first breakthrough in his career came at the end of June 1957, when the boys were in the club `The Purple Onion`, and in the wake of the success of local Werber organized the first tour of the different clubs.

First album,simply titled `The Kingston Trio`, released on the label ` Capitol` in June of 1958. DJ Paul Colburn (Paul Colburn) with KLUB station in Salt Lake City helped promote the group, endlessly spinning in the air song `Tom Dooley`, which caused a surge in sales of the album. Moreover, he called on other colleagues across the country to do the same ,and the song came out as a single on August 8th of 1958, broke up for Christmas one million copies. The debut album also won ` Gremmi` in 1959 in the category ` Best country-and - western performans` because at that time the category of folk music has not yet been included in the ` Gremmi` format.Then the following five studio albums have reached the top spot of the charts and received ` zolotoy` status, and by 1961 th has sold over 25 million. Plates copies. Beginning in 1964, the popularity of `The Kingston Trio` fell, largely due to imitators pop-folk genre, as well as due to the growth of other commercial folk groups, including ` Peter, Paul and Mary`.From 1976 to 1985 the second trio `Kingston Trio` consisted of Shane Gambilla Roger (Roger Gambill) and Kingston Grove (Grove Kingston), until suddenly Gambill died of heart disease at the age of 45 years.

The composition of the group changed several times, but Shane and Grove had its regular participants. Veteran folk-genre Bob Haworth (Bob Haworth) replaced Gambilla from 1985 to 1988 - th and 1999 th and 2005 th. Reynolds in 1988, returned to the band, finally parting with the team in 1999. In addition to the studio albums and a greatest hits album, `The Kingston Trio` released several ` zhivyh` albums, the last of which, `Flashback! 1963`, dated 2009. The critic Richard Corliss (Richard Corliss), speaking about the legendary folk- pop group, stated: ` In my youth, they changed pop music, and me along with ney`

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