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The band`s sound is somewhat reminiscent of a subgenre of rhythm and blues, doo-wop. By the middle of 1960 Hall of Fame Vocal Group Hall of Fame announced that `The Four Seasons` takes 2nd place in popularity after the legendary` The Beatles`. Since 1967, the music team, although it was known as `Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons`,never in his records did not use that name.

In 1960x group `The Four Lovers` turned into a band` The Four Seasons`, in which Frankie Valley (Frankie Valli) was the leading performer. The team were also a tenor and keyboardist Bob Gaudio (Bob Gaudio), a former member of `The Royal Teens`;Baritone and guitarist Tommy DeVito (Tommy DeVito) and bass vocalist and bass player Nick Massi (Nick Massi). In 1965 -m Weight replaced Charles Costello (Charles Calello), in place of which in the same year came to Joe Long (Joe Long).

His first single, `Bermuda` /` Spanish Lace`, they released in 1961 on behalf of the label `Gone Records`.The song failed to chart, but has helped the group to sign a contract with the company `Vee-Jay Records` in the same year. In 1962 -m the first album in the track list is the song `Sherry` hit, which became the first shock hit. Through the work of the producer and songwriter Bob Crewe (Bob Crewe),followed by the song `Sherry` was sold several million. Hits copies `The Four Seasons`, including` Big Girls Don`t Cry`, `Walk Like a Man`,` Candy Girl`, `Ain`t That a Shame` and many others. etc. .

In the period from 1962 to 1964only the second team `Beach Boys` could stand on a par with the group` The Four Seasons` on the number of records sold in the United States. From 1995 to 1997, the second came about 20 singles group, including `Don`t Think Twice, It`s All Right`,` C`mon Marianne`, `Can`t Take My Eyes off You`,`I` ve Got You Under My Skin` and` Will You Love Me Tomorrow`. The last of them settled on the 24 place in the charts `top 40 pesen`, becoming the last song` The Four Seasons` Valley after a solo hit `To Give (The Reason I Live)`, which managed to break into the top forty chart songs.

By 1969 th interest in the band was down,and the popularity of pop and rock genre left to soul music and songs with social lyrics.After the band left the company `Philips Records`, on the label` Warner Brothers` released one single in Britain, which is not, however, went on sale in America. At about this same time the `The Four Seasons` began to use the name` The 4 Seasons`.By signing a contract with the label `Motown`, band released the LP` Chameleon`, which has suffered a commercial failure. Singles `Love Isn`t Here` 1971 ,` Walk On, Don`t Look Back` 1972, `How Come` and` Hickory` 1973 also did not bear fruit.

In late 1973 and early 1974members of the group have recorded eight songs for his upcoming album on the label `Motown`, which, ultimately, refused to release them. Later, in 1994, `The Four Seasons` left the company. And let the hits from the group ran out in the first half of 1970, it still remained popular, especially with regard to live performances.A longtime member of Joe Long it remained in the team until 1975. The new same soloists became Don Ciccone (Don Ciccone), a former member of `The Critters`, and Jerry Paulsen (Gerry Polci), which slow down the load with Frankie Valley, gradually lose their hearing due to otosclerosis.

Song `My Eyes Adored You` (` Blue Eyes in Georgia`),born at the beginning of 1974, reached the ` 100 chart singlov` hot, but a collection of the best songs, collected from 1962 to 1970 - th, quickly I got the` gold `sales status ultimatelybroke up millions of copies and earning` platinovyy `status by the RIAA. Album `Who Loves You became` also surprised by their sales,becoming the first successful release of the group, where he was responsible not only for the Valley lead vocals.

In 1976, the single `December, 1963` reached the top of the chart` Billboard`, followed by a single `Silver Star` was only 38th,` Down the Hall` - 65 m, and `Spend the Night in Love` - only 91 - m.

In 1984as a result of cooperation `The Four Seasons` with the group` Beach Boys` born Release `East Meets West`, released by the label` FBI Records`. In August 1985, `MCA Records` released the album` Streetfighter`, and in September 1992 -of `The Four Seasons` celebrated the release of the album` Hope + Glory` on behalf of the label `MCA / Curb`.Finally, in mid- 2007 to support the tour of North America was launched for sale Box Set (3CD + 1DVD) `... Jersey Beat. .. The Music Of Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons`, called the most comprehensive music collection group.

In 2008 -m for the song of Bob Gaudio `Beggin`, aided gain` The Four Seasons` popular French DJ.Pilooski made electro remix and Norwegian duo `Madcon` used it for his rap numbers. Option duo fell to 5th place in the UK charts and was a hit throughout Europe. Song `Beggin` used for commercials` Adidas` called `Celebrate Originality`.

Frankie Valley in 2008toured the United States with a new young band under the old name `The Four Seasons`, which consisted of Todd Fournier (Todd Fournier), Brian Brigham (Brian Brigham), Brigham Brandon (Brandon Brigham) and Landon Beard (Landon Beard).

`The Four Lovers` in 1990, was introduced in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), and in 1999-m in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. The group became one of the biggest selling music groups of all time with index 175 million. Copies sold worldwide.

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