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Year of birth : 1975

Age: 40 years

Place of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States


American punk rock band from ClevelandOhio (Cleveland, Ohio). Pretty actively performed in the period from 1976 to 1979 - th ; reunited several times - in 1987, 2004 and 2005.

The team `The Dead Boys` once rose from the group ` Rocket From The Tombs`; originally musicians performed under the name `Frankenstein`. In July 1976, members of the group moved to New York (New York City);that is where they came up with his new title - taken from the song `Down In Flames` of the same ` Rocket From The Tombs`.

Moved to New York advised musicians Joey Ramone (Joey Ramone), lead singer `Ramones`. Fairly quickly the team has won a reputation - let and rather sad - their slightly crazy concert performances. Obscene gestures and obscenities were the norm. At one of the shows lead singer Steve Bators (Stiv Bators) cut my stomach microphone stand.

His debut album, `Young, Loud and Snotty`, the band released in 1977. Entered in his song `Sonic Reducer` to this day is considered a classic of American punk. Representatives of `Sire Records` tried to get some musicians to change the image, so a little more in line with the tastes of the mass ; punk as a genre of American music lovers to get used yet to. It is believed that this pressure has led to the disintegration of the group in 1979. Some concerts 1979 entered the film 1980 `D.O.A.`.A few months after the dissolution of the band were forced to reunite - according to the contract they had to record another live album. Bators found a way to take revenge on the producers - he deliberately sang ` mikrofona` past, which ultimately made the record completely unsuitable for practical use. `The Dead Boys` several times to go in the 80 ; they had to play a few concerts and released a remake of their first album. For the most part, however, the musicians performed separately. Bators recorded a solo album under the logo `Line Records`;later he worked together with Brian James (Brian James) from `The Damned` Tregunna and Dave (Dave Tregunna) of ` Sham 69`. Together they released several records under the logo `IRS Records`; particular success was waiting for a single `Open Your Eyes` and a cover version of ` Like A Virgin`.

Chrome Chita (Cheetah Chrome) for a long time worked in New York (New York City),`Stilettos` in teams and ` Cheetah Chrome and the Casualties`. Under the logo `ORK Records` Chrome recorded the single ` Still Wanna Die / Take

Me Home`. We also know that he helped Ronnie Spector (Ronnie Spector) to record their debut album `Siren`. In the 90 Chrome moved to Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville, Tennessee); Chita from there went to Hemtremk ,Michigan (Hamtramck, Michigan), where he helped to record another album. Chromium is very active traveling with tours in Europe and the United States to this day ; occasionally he takes part in the recording of the different kinds of albums.

John ` Johnny Blitts` Madan (John `Johnny Blitz` Madansky) after the collapse of the group moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Toronto,Ontario, Canada) . Together with Leonard Nyberg (Leonard Nieberg) and Tommi Keating (Tommy ` Gun` Keating) musician founded the group ` The Blitz` - name e, e not bizarre, does not lead to the stem, Madanski nikakogo relationship.

In the 1990 m Bators Died under the wheels taxes in France (France). In September 2004-of other members `Dead Boys` again reunited - for the sake of a concert in Cleveland.

In 2005, the musicians performed together at a charity show at the iconic rock club `CBGB`; following the reunification took place in the same year, but on Halloween (Halloween)

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