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Year of birth : 2001

Age: 14

Birthplace : Akron, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States

Rock-cronies tandem

Since the track record in the cellars, rock duo `The Black Keys` become one of the most popular teams playing garage rock that swept over the second wave of the genre in the 2010s.

Guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach (Dan Auerbach) and drummer Patrick Carney (Patrick Carney) became acquainted with each other, when they were 8-9 years. They lived in the same neighborhood in the city of Akron, Ohio (Akron, Ohio). Dan was a cousin of guitarist Robert Quinn (Robert Quine), ` a veteran of the New York avant - rock stseny`. Patrick was also the nephew of saxophonist Ralph Carney (Ralph Carney), participated in the recording of several albums by Tom Waits (Tom Waits).Auerbach and Carney studied together at Firestone High School, which gradually became friends, even though it belonged to two completely different worlds. Dan was captain of the school football team and unsociable Patrick was more like an outcast. Thanks to the efforts of their mutual friend, the duo began to organize home-made jams from 1996.Auerbach learned to play the guitar. Carney mastered drums and connects to the case of four-track tape recorder.

At the end of the school friends came to Akron University (University of Akron), both of which were dismissed. They amassed its independent rock duo `The Black Keys` in 2001 ,recorded music in basements and svimi forces released records. When they signed with the indie label `Alive`, in 2002 they released their debut album titled ` The Big Come Up`.

This record helped the duo `The Black Keys` make a deal with the record company ` Fat Possum Records`.Over the next decade, Auerbach and Carney have collected the whole army of fans of the underground world, largely thanks to performances in small clubs, the release of new albums and participation in music festivals.

The second album, `Thickfreakness`, recorded in the basement of Carney on the tape ` Tascam 388`, appeared in 2003. The single `Hard Row` was used in the pilot edition of the television series ` Sons anarhii` (`Sons of Anarchy`) on FX TV channel. The single `Have Love, Will Travel` became a cover

-version on the song of the same name by Richard Berry (Richard Berry). In addition, the duo released the single `Set You Free`, which became the soundtrack to the film ` Love you, chuvak` (` I Love You,Man`) and ` School roka` (` The School of Rock`).

In September 2003, Auerbach and Carney, along with a group of `The Six Parts Seven` recorded a mini-album ` The Six Parts Seven / The Black Keys EP`.

Ponoformatny third album duet, `Rubber Factory`- of 2004, received critical acclaim and contributed to the growth in popularity. In its turn,it attracted the attention of major label `Nonesuch Records` in 2006. This year, the duo presented a mini-album `Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough` with cover versions of songs Junior Kimbrough (Junior Kimbrough).

Later, the guys presented a live album `Live in Austin, TX` (or ` Thickfreakness in Austin),whose recording was made in 2004. The fourth studio album, `Magic Potion`- of 2006, spawned the singles ` You`re the One`, `Your Touch` and ` Just Got To Be`.

Over his previous releases Auerbach and Carney worked in makeshift studios, in one case, even in an abandoned factory in Akron.

But the album `Attack & Release` 2008-of it was established in the professional recording studio. In addition, for the recording of this album was hired producer Brian Joseph Burton, aka Danger Mouse. He has repeatedly collaborated with the duo.

Commercial success came unexpectedly in 2010 with the release of their sixth album, `Brothers`,which, together with the single `Tighten Up` won once zhetri ` Gremmi` Prize. During the first week of sales from retail stores dare to order 73 thousand. Copies of the album. This work won the third place in the album chart `Billboard`. The single `Tighten Up` led several US charts. After that came two singles, `Ohio` and ` Chop and Change`,which were not included in the track list `Brothers`.

In 2011, the duo `The Black Keys` presented the album ` El Camino`, named after the model of the car brand ` Shevrole`. The album rose to number two in the chart `Billboard 200`. The title single `Lonely Boy` won three ` Gremmi`. In 2014 came eighth album, `Turn Blue`,much of which was recorded in Hollywood. The single `Fever` been available for a couple of months before the official release ` Turn Blue`.

` Syroe` blues- rock sound ` The Black Keys` for the most part due to the preferences of blues Auerbach, who was influenced by Junior Kimbrough, Howlin `Wolf (Howlin` Wolf) and Robert Johnson (Robert Johnson).During the tour, the duo expanded composition. With Auerbach and Carney worked together such musicians as Muvshon Nick Leon Michels, Gus Seifert, John Clement Wood and Richard Swift

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