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TestamentThis American thrash team was one of the first bands that appeared San Francisco on a wave of interest in " Metallica " in the area in 80 years.

Originally formed under the name of "Legacy" in 1983, and two years later renamed the "Testament", the gang included vocalist Steve Souza, Alex Skolnick (lead guitar) which replaced Derek Ramirez, Eric Peterson (rhythm guitar), Greg Christian (bass) and Louie Clemente (drums) . However, Souza soon knocked in "Exodus" and was replaced by frontman Chuck Billy. The disc "The legacy" has given strong impetus to the success of the group, to make a quick "Testament" the central figure of the burgeoning thrash metal. After the mini- concertalbum, recorded at "Dynamo" festival in Holland, "The New Order" cemented the band`s popularity, thanks to the improved quality of the compositions. The disc contained has become a classic thrash bagatelle "Disciples Of The Watch".

However, Skolnick was soon lost interest in pure thrash, realizing his undoubted talent with the participation of the tour with a group of Stuart Hamm. His influence was felt in the great energized album "Practice What You Preach", where trash " Testament " became more melodic.

Out next CD "Souls Of Black" has coincided with a European tour of "Clash Of The Titans" with "Slayer", "Megadeth" and "Suicidal Tendencies", and so the album was doomed to failure. After the next release, "The Ritual" Skolnick joined "Savatage". Clement also left the "Testament". On the next drive "Return To Apocalyptic City" presented new band members Glen Alveleys (guitar, ex- "Forbidden") and John Tempesta (born 1964, New York, USA. Drums, ex- "Exodus").However, the term Alveleysa in "Testament" was short-lived. In his place was adopted by guitarist James Murphy (ex "Death", "Obituary", "Disincarnate", "Cancer"), who participated in the recording of the album "Low", on which the group returned to his early style.

Subsequently, the band left the Tempesta, who joined the "White Zombie",and he was replaced by John Detta (ex- "Evil Dead"). Album 1994 "Low" is the latest release of the group on the "Atlantic Records".

1995 live album was released on his own label Eric Peterson "Burnt Offering Records". Released to raise money to finance the new studio recording, he soprovzhdalsya emergence of a group in the film "Strange Days",in which the "Testament" sang a new song "New Eyes Of Old". In 1996, the group left Detta, who joined the "Slayer", and new drummer Chris Kontos (ex "Machine Head"). During the preparation of the material for the new album in "Testament" split. Chuck, Eric and Chris announced the creation of a new project "Dog Faced Gods".James went solo, and Greg founded the group "Flangue". However, after a while, "Testament" was revived with the participation of drummer Gene Hoglan, Glen Alveleysa and bassist Derrick Ramirez. In this structure, they recorded the most powerful album "Demonic".

After his release Hoagland gone, and in its place came back John Detta. A month later, he returned and James Murphy. At the same time it was announced that to record a new disc "The Gathering" joined the band, Dave Lombardo (ex- "Slayer") and Steve Didzhiordzhio. After the release of this album and tour in the states Dave and James left the "Testament". They were replaced by former drummer of "Forbidden" Steve Jacobs and ex-guitarist "Vicious Rumours" Steve Smith.

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